Illnesses and Nursing school - page 2

I am wondering if any nursing students have any medical problems, and if so, how much help, or how supportive your school is. Specifically if you are in an accelerated program. I know my soon-to-be... Read More

  1. by   Kyriaka
    I have Lyme disease and Babesiosis (another tick borne illness). I really havent thought about your question. It may come up eventually I suppose.

    Right now I am on oral medications but I may eventually have to hook up to an iv during the day. IV or not...I will be there.
  2. by   kirbi
    I have RA and take meds for it. I've had it for five years. My school knows about it and required extra health clearance stating that it was under control. Still, you never know when you'll get a flare.

    My school's policy is simply that any missed clinical days must be made up and that "too many" are grounds for dismissal from the program, but it doesn't state specifically what constitutes too many.

    That being said, I take good care of myself. I make plans for how I am going to work or clinicals when my RA flares up. I get enough sleep and plan out my weeks to keep ahead of the stress level. I bring my non-narcotic pain meds with me in case I need them,,, well I always hurt,,, all the time,,, it's just that during flares, it gets unbearable and it's difficult to move my hands at all, plus I get a flu-like illness that accompanies it. The rest of the time, I simply don't pay attention to the pain as much as possible.

    I don't plan to miss any clinical days, but managing my chronic illness. I don't miss work from it either, although work too is aware of my condition just on the off chance that I might ever have to miss a day before of it.

    School is the most important priority in my life right now and I'll be darned if I'm gonna let a little inflammatory arthritis stop me from being successful. My mantra is: Manage your illness, Don't let it manage you!

  3. by   jenrninmi
    Hmm...I've never heard of being charged for missing a clinical day. I pay SO much to go to my school...I can't imagine paying more! I would say my school is pretty accomidating. To my knowledge, there isn't anyone with health problems...although there are 71 students in my class, so more then likely there are students with health problems, I'm just not aware of it. I've known students that needed to take a semester off because of an illness or family issues or whatever, but that's about it.