as my final 2 weeks of work are winding down, i am on my way to moving back home and getting back to being a full-time student, taking prerequisites for nursing school. as I think about the journey... Read More

  1. by   LauraLou
    I think BSN programs are more likely to look at your overall GPA than ADN programs. I am in nursing school at a community college and admission is based solely on your GPA for the nursing prerequisites: A&P I, A&P II, English, Algebra, Intro to Psych, Human Development, Microbiology, Speech, Humanities. If you have done badly in one of these classes before, you can retake it and they will use the most current grade.

    I have a BA with a GPA of 3.1, but I worked really hard and got A's in all the prereq classes. When I applied to nursing school, they saw me as a 4.0 student because they only looked at the prereqs.

    My suggestion is to closely look at all your options and find a program that has admission criteria that will highlight your strenghts.