If I can, you can too

  1. I am not a good writer so I hesitated for long time. But I thought it was time to thank allnurses and share my story.

    I graduated from University of Florida in 2014 with a Sociology major. In hope to apply for Accelerated BSN, I finished all of my nursing prerequisites before I graduated. I applied close to 10 schools in state and out of state and I DID NOT GET INTO ANY. It was a detrimental time for me mentally and physically. Pressure from friends and family has made the journey even more stressful than it already was. Due to the pressure, I decided to enroll in LPN program in hope to start working as early as possible. LPN program WAS NOT easy as I thought. And there are no programs to bridge over LPN-RN. I was still young and my parents were still willing to support me so I dropped LPN program to apply for RN programs. But this time, I applied to ABSN, BSN, and ASN. I also retook some of my prerequisites and worked as a CNA at LTC to build resume. Following year, I was accepted to one of ASN program and moved to Alabama. And now, I have survived 3 semesters of nursing school and I am looking forward to graduating this year!

    I joined allnurses in the most desperate time after I was rejected from multiple schools. Reading articles from allnurses gave me encouragement and courage to keep trying. And I did. I still have a long way but I never regret that I kept standing up from my failure. There were times when I just wanted to give everything up and become invisible. But I never knew I was this strong and capable until I gave myself a chance. Don't give up. If I can do it, you can too.
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    Many congrats...!!! Best of luck for your future!
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