Ideas for Classes?

  1. I'm part of a workforce scholarship program that pays for school and over half of my child care costs. Super helpful, but one of the child care requirements is that I be enrolled in school full time. In the summer, that's 6 credits per session. I need child care this summer in order to take the 4 gen Ed credits I'm lacking for graduation and 3 credits for my RN-BSN program, which leaves me short 5 credits.

    The counselor suggested I take something fun or unrequired but useful. I'm so tired of school, NOTHING seems fun, so I'm thinking "useful" might be the way to go. I considered taking pathophysiology (it's integrated into our curriculum, not a separate class), and then realized I have to take an upper level patho in my BSN program next year, and this one wont transfer. Not sure how many times I want to take this class!

    So if anyone out there had to take any filler classes they really enjoyed or found useful, let me know
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  3. by   douxmusique
    Mastering patho is never going to hurt and you could totally benefit from it. I have to retake patho because no matter what this state says I can't transfer it in. I am.not excited but it's only going to help me master that monster.

    I personally hate anything not science, might he interested in a world cultures course, or maybe a literature course. I took a few guitar lessons to fill up my schedule last summer. Also psych classes can he interesting, especially during summer things tend to be more laid back. Maybe you can find a computer science course and play with graphics or sound tech type stuff?
  4. by   Shorty11
    Have you thought about taking Medical Terminology or Nutrition?
    I needed more hours (a few semesters ago) in order to be full-time and qualify for maximum financial aid. I already had 3 psych classes completed for my BSN (General Psych, Developmental Psych, & Psych Stats). At my university, a psych minor is only 18 total hours of psych. I already had 10 of these psych hours completed. I decided to minor in psychology and took Human Behavior, Human Sexuality, & Health Psychology to finish out my minor. By taking these extra psych classes, I was able to qualify full-time for those semester that I wouldn't have otherwise. Not that all the extra psych has helped with nursing immensely, but I can say it has helped in my Mental Health Nursing course.
    Best of luck!
  5. by   RubberDuckieLove
    What about Spanish for the Health Care Professional?
  6. by   zoe92
    I would say nutrition, spanish, or any psych course. I took abnormal psych & aging psychology, both were helpful & interesting.
  7. by   Nurse2b7337
    Good idea in suggesting Spanish! That's what I took to fill up my required credits. It was interesting and I got an A.
  8. by   donk
    My school has electives in world religions or gender and ethics, those sorts of things maybe helpful. Languages, extra communication courses or developmental psychology or sociology.
  9. by   Nurse2BeInGA
    If you know for sure you are going on for another degree, take any chemistry classes or SOCI/PSYC classes that you can use for your degree. Get all of the core classes out of the way, so all you will have left are the nursing classes. Talk to the school where you are getting the advanced degree and see if they will give you permission to take the lower level class at the school where you are currently. Sometimes, they will work with you. Just get it in writing.

    My school offers a whole semester of CPR as a PE class. Also, you could take another PE class as a way to have scheduled work out time and a little bit of "you" time.
  10. by   Stephalump
    Thanks for all the great ideas! I actually have a degree in psychology and have taken or signed up for everything for my BSN (including nutrition), so those options are out, but I really like the idea of taking Spanish. I live opinion Texas, so it would definitely be a benefit. I'm also going to look and see if there are any sociology classes I haven't taken and things like that. I was hoping to maybe take some healthcare admin courses, but it doesn't look like my college has any :/