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When I went in for my interview the director of the program claimed that we will be in school from 8am-9pm 5 days per week. Is this possible? I didn't indicate that I found this disturbing rather I... Read More

  1. by   AggieNurse99
    Why don't you check the college's schedule of classes for a definitave answer? It might not be available for your first semester, but see what the schedule for classes is for this upcoming semester.

    My sympathies, because I'm in an ADN program and have no time for anything as it is....Can only imagine what an accelerated program would be like!
  2. by   ShimmyMeli
    well if she was pulling your leg about the hours spent in school..she maybe meant the time you need to study ;/ my experience has shown that the instructors don't really teach anything in lecture..they just go from power point to power point....then you have to learn everything on your own..you can do it! just be prepared for a LOT of reading..just pretend like your reading a story and don't read it to memorize it..read it to comprehend it
  3. by   Megsd
    If your school gave you a copy of the curriculum with course numbers for each semester/quarter, I would be nosy and do a class search to see what times those classes are offered during the appropriate term. This should give you a rough idea of what your schedule will be like, assuming all the courses are offered around the same times when you start. I did that before I started and I felt better having a vague idea about what the schedule is like.

    I am about to start quarter 2 of 5 of an accelerated program, and I have not had days quite that long, at least if you don't count studying. My longest day last quarter was 9-6 which included 2 classes and a 2 hour break between them, and my longest day this quarter will be clinicals twice a week 7-4. My longest non-clinical day this quarter will be 8-3, which includes 2 classes and a 2 hour break.
  4. by   Lovely_RN
    Thanks again.

    I was being a bit pre-mature about the schedule issue. Registration is tomorrow so all of my questions will be answered by then. :spin: