I started phlebotomy training today!

  1. Hi all, I have been volunteering at the OR in the hospital here on the base. One of the OR RNs told me I could learn phlebotomy, taking ekg's, etc. Well, today I started my phlebotomy training. I am even going to be certified when I am done. I learned about the different tubes, different tests, where everything goes, watched blood being taken, and assisted with a couple of "hard sticks" and a very upset little boy who really wanted to be absolutely anywhere else. Next week I will actually draw blood for the first time. They said it won't be on patients yet, but from the corpsman and the person who is training me. Lucky them, huh? She also said that I have to do 50 "sticks" and pass some tests before I can be certified. I didn't think I was going to be able to do stuff like this until I got to nursing school. Well, I am going to start reading some of my homework that I have to read before next Friday. I have a lab test in Anatomy and a test in Nutrition this week too. At least I won't be bored, huh? Anyways, I just wanted to share with you all.
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  3. by   meownsmile
    Sounds like you are excited. Thats great, I always have liked doing the sticks. But wow 50 sticks for certification, thats a lot of sticks to show competancy. You should be a full fledged pro at it by 50 sticks.
  4. by   adidas99
    wow...i agree...50 sticks are alot for a competency! I just had my 'check off' on phlebotomy on monday in my nursing lab class. It wasn't too bad...then again, the dummy's arm had a nice big vein to hit...can't miss it! Good luck with ur phlebotomy!!!
  5. by   zacarias
    Awesome Kimberly!!

    I'm in the 3rd quarter of my nursing program and we do IV starts and phlebotomy this quarter. I'm nervous, but I figure if I can give a shot, I can learn to enter a vein without extravasating LOL.

  6. by   kats
    I am excited, but I am nervous too. The person who teaches this is a civilian in a Navy hospital. She said the corpsman were coming to her asking her to sign that they were competant and they didn't even know how to put the tourniquet on the patient's arm. That is when she decided they definately needed more training. She is the one who decided on the requirements, I guess, before she would give them their certification. It just seems like it can be so hard to find a vein, especially on little kids or older people. I am glad that I am getting such good training though and will have at least this done before entering nursing school. I will let you all know how the first day of it goes this next Friday. I just hope nobody passes out or throws up.-Kimberly
  7. by   KIMBA
    Hi there,

    I begin the actual nursing program this Fall, but last semester I decided to take a phlebotomy course at the local hospital. I thought it would be a good skill to have and a great part time job while I'm attending school. The course was very informative plus we were able to practice on each other and take supplies home to stick our family and friends. My clinicals required 100 documented sticks from various kinds of pts! I'm glad to say it is one skill that I have down pretty darn good!

    Well good luck to all and remember...phlebotomists know where to stick it.