I Started An Iv!!!1 (sort Of)

  1. Well, for the first time, it went ok. I had a patient who needed an IV and had huge veins....thank goodness....I got everything together, and wound up going in a little tooo deep, but was able to get into the vein.....upon advanceing the cath, found that we hit a valve....staff rn wasn't able to float it in....we took it out, and tried the other arm...I watched the staff nurse do it, and then HE hit a valve...so it was good to see it wasn't just me. He was able to readvance cath through it, and start it...so I did start it, have it in, just hit a darn valve!!! It's a huge confidence booster to know that I CAN start an IV....I just need to hope I have enough room....
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  3. by   tookewlandy
    The same situation happened to me last week in the ER, accept that my first one did not end up getting in at all. After that, i realized I went to deep, refocused. and then I was able to start them the rest of the day, I unsuccessfully started the first one, and successfully started 5. I love the ER very good place to get skills practice in. It is a huge confidence boost to be able to start a line, congrats to you
  4. by   Daytonite
    guys! when you have time, read the tips and tricks on starting ivs on this thread in the er forum: