I start nursing school in a week!

  1. i start fundamentals of nursing on jan 9th! i am both super excited and incredibly nervous. i am going to tcc, adn program.

    if anyone has any tips, or words to support to share that would much appreciated!

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  3. by   morningstarRN
    Congrats on getting into a nursing program! I remember how excited I was to begin. My last 3 month class begins on the 9th too.

    The biggest tips I can give would be to stay open minded and have your own experience. Too many times it is easy to become pulled in to other students situation or drama. I remember hearing from the cohort ahead of us how difficult a certain exam was or to avoid a certain clinical instructor at all costs. I usually found I did fine on that exam and got along wonderfully with that "terrible" clinical instructor. It really is what you make of it.

    Focus on one day at a time and give yourself the grace to be a new nursing student. By this I mean don't expect yourself to feel comfortable right off the bat. Allow yourself the time to become a nursing student. It is different than any other classes you have taken and it requires some adjustment, at least it did for me.

    Remember how excited you feel right now, bottle that feeling up and refer back to it if you feel burnt out. Above all, have a wonderful, challenging, life changing experience. I know I have and I would not trade it for anything!
  4. by   OB-nurse2013
    Aww congrats!!!!! I started this time last year hahahha time absolutely flies by. My only advice I can give is don't get behind and it gets easier. I had a harder time my first semester and then my second just kinda clicked and it became much easier. Clinicals are great experience and lots of fun. Good luck!!!!!!
  5. by   optimistic_newgrad
    Stay organized. Know all your due dates, and test dates. It is easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out. Dont get caught up in the drama and conflict with other students. It is so easy to get sucked into this and it really takes away from school. People complained about everything and anything, but always look at the big picture. You are doing this because you want to be a great nurse. Just like what Memories said, I remember thinking about how excited I was when I got my acceptance letter. I would think about this when I was down and out or beyond stressed out. Never take your eyes off the prize. Ask questions, clarify early if you any concerns. Always seek out new learning experiences, as a student we always want to know ok what time are we going home, I hope we go home early. Remember that everything you are learning now will make a difference in your future nursing practice. I wish you the best of luck
  6. by   RedChair
    I agree, Get organized! Stay organized (thats the hard part for me!) Keep track of assignments due. I keep a calendar with everything written down, including my reading assignments. Take things one sentence, concept, chapter at a time! Break it down into small bites. Enjoy the feeling of being a nursing student!
  7. by   Skips
    Quote from ivikatasha
    i start fundamentals of nursing on jan 9th! i am both super excited and incredibly nervous. i am going to tcc, adn program.

    if anyone has any tips, or words to support to share that would much appreciated!

    congrats! (: i, too, start my first nursing classes on january 9th. i am super excited!! good luck with everything, and enjoy school!
  8. by   heartnursing
    Get organized ASAP and stay orgranized!
    Good Luck!!
  9. by   keepmovingrn
    I start the bridge on the 9th too!

    I'm so nervous though.....I know I should be super excited

    I think I'm doing all I can to get organized and prepared but I'm still overwhelmed with fear.....
  10. by   butterfly134
    Best thing about nursing school are the great friends you make Then comes clinicals, they are GREAT fun altogether (tough sometimes physically and emotionally) but fun all the same! Then comes clinical skills classes, they can be really really really fun too Oh and seminars can be sooo much fun. Only a few weeks ago we had a seminar on culturally sensitive nursing and we got to play a game, design and colour a poster and then we had a table quiz and the winners got jelly sweets and then at the end we all got a lolly pop!! Was one of the best classes ever!!! Ah I love nursing school Just do your best, nobody can expect more than that! Once you are prepared for all the laughter and maybe shedding a few tears aswell, late nites studying and cramming and also great nites out, then your sorted
  11. by   nurse2b013
    Congratulations! I am starting my 2nd semester on the 6th...my tips for surviving are first and foremost, DO NOT get behind. Keep up with your reading and other work. Be prepared. Once you fall behind, it is nearly impossible to catch up again. Also, the tests are a completely different breed in nursing school. They are all about critical thinking and getting you ready for the NCLEX. So not only do you have to know your basic cookie cutter information, you have to be able to apply it to real life situations. Don't get discouraged, just take a deep breath and keep level headed. I have found that for most tests, it comes down to a decision between two answers. Just try to pick the best answer. Don't panic and you will be okay! On the flip side, don't look too far ahead, it will overwhelm the crap out of you, lol! I would only let myself look at what I needed to do for that week. Looking further ahead would reduce me to tears with the sheer volume of what I had to do! I would also advise to find friends within your class who are also there to do their best...not there to be lazy slackers. They will help, support and encourage you, and vice versa. That support system is very important in nursing school, and especially clinicals! You will need to find friends to lean on and help one another. Also, keep your eye on the prize! You will have great days, and awful days. But know that nursing school will not last forever, and all the ups and downs will be worth it when we have RN after our names!

    Good luck! I hope you love it as much as I do!
  12. by   Annachu512
    Likewise, I start my first nursing semester on the 9th I am so excited too! For years I have been in and out of school, trying to take pre-reqs for a very competitive career tract in pharmacy. After having my baby and experiencing very kind nurses at my bedside during the birth, I thought that I could finally let go of pharmacy and get into a nursing career. Now here I am, ready and willing to start!!
  13. by   ivikatasha
    Thanks for all the supportive messages and tips! I will be sure to use them. And to all others who are also starting nursing school, or are currently attending, I wish you are the luck in the world too. We can do it!!!!

    I even bought myself a planner to keep organized.
  14. by   ♑ Capricorn ♑
    Well, I can't speak for nursing school, yet. I won't be attending until this Fall. But, I can offer some tips which kept me sane during prereqs.
    1) Buy a HUGE wall calendar and keep important dates on it, like tests
    2) Buy a magic marker eraser board and keep any diagnostics or lab values on it or anything you want to remember that'll help you.
    3) Buy an organzier/planner to take with you to class
    4) Buy a voice recorder to record lectures if you will find that useful
    5) Study a little bit each day
    6) Ask for help when you need it. Preferably, before you find yourself 'sinking' in information
    7) Enjoy what you are learning, it makes it that much more tolerable
    8) Study smarter, not harder
    9) Buy some supplemental books with Rationales, they may help explain information in a way you'll be able to understand it, and which is also different from your texts.
    10) Stay positive, surround yourself with positive people. You're going to need support when going through this.

    Good luck everyone!