I made it into the BSN program!

  1. Hi everyone
    I received my letter of acceptance into the BSN program today. I am so excited. I can't believe I finally made it. Finally I am a nursing student. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
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    Congrats! You have a lot of hard work, and a lot of rewarding experiences in your future! Welcome!

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    Congratulations Wendy!!
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    It is hard but you can do it. Get all the rest you can before you start up. When do you start? I would say keep up with the work everyday or at least mostly everyday, taking a break every now and then especially after a major exam is more than permissible in fact it is suggested. Form a small study group. If you are having problems talk to your advisor that is what they are there for. Invest in plenty of index cards or put index cards on tape (see my post under creative ways for studying for more on the index cards on tape). Buy a NCLEX RN review book and whatever part your class is at for example if you are doing adult nursing then review adult nursing in the NCLEX book and take the sample test questions in the book. Nursing instructors use NCLEX style questions on their tests. Take study breaks don't study too many hours at once without a break. It is strongly suggested that you go no longer than 50 minutes to a hour without standing up and stretching but defintely go no longer than 2 hours. Try to review 30 minutes before going to bed the most important stuff you want to remember because it is said that reviewing 30 minutes just before bed will help you remember the most critical stuff. Good luck and you can do this. WE can ALL do this together. There are lots of us on here and WE can ALL help make it thru.
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    Congradulations Wendy!!! Judging by your user name, it should come as no suprise that you got accepted!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of student nursing!!!