I know I've asked this before....

  1. But I don't think I posted it here and I figured you all would know this the best....

    I have a BS from a 4 yr school and I am now doing my pre-req work for the ADN program at my CC.....
    I got an A in my first course (woohoo!:icon_biggrin: ) But I'm curious if my GPA from my previous degree is going to be combined with my new GPA or is it kept seperate and I will have 2 GPA's from two different schools????

    On my schools website it shows that I have a current GPA of 4.0 (only one class so it's not as impressive as it sounds) and a cumilative of like 200+ credits... but it doesn't show my old GPA or anything....

    I'm just curious if anyone knows the answer... Thanks for any help you might have!

    Take care and Happy Holidays Everyone!
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  3. by   kharing
    No, your previous GPA isn't counted - the clock starts over. You'll get the credits that they accepted - but that's it. Congrats on your 4.0!!!
  4. by   mercyteapot
    I think if you were a transfer student coming in, your previous GPA might be factored into your current one. I'm not even sure about that. Sheesh, though... 200 credits??? That's a lot!
  5. by   SummerGarden
    Some nursing school admissions committees look at your prior transcripts from other schools and calculate your overall GPA. However there are those schools that only calculate your GPA based upon pre-requisite and co-requisite courses. Plus, there are schools that only want you to take courses from them so courses taken at other schools would not count. On the other hand, there are schools that count pre-requisites and co-requisites taken more then once no matter which school you have taken them from.... and so on and so on...

    Basically what I am trying to say is that there is no set standard for all nursing schools. The best thing for you to do is cut down your confusion and contact the school(s) you wish to apply to and ask how GPA is calculated for admissions into their program.
  6. by   KnoxWarEagle
    Depends on the school and if you are utilizing class credits from your prior degree. I got a BS in Biology and then went back and got a BSN. I used the initial credits from Biology to count towards my BSN. I graduated with a 2.9(4.0) in biology (had too much fun) so I had to make a 3.6 every quarter of nursing school to come out with a 3.0. When I have interviewed, each employer has always asked for my Nursing school GPA separate from the first.
  7. by   KnoxWarEagle
    That is awesome MBA!!!!! Congrats!!! I basically STALKED the dean of the nursing school to get in (12 years ago...UGH!). It paid off. I hope you love it! Just know there are so many different areas to work. If you get tired of one just switch!