I have gotten myself into a job that I

  1. I have gotten myself into a job and I am not sure how to get out! I was hired to work in the lab and draw blood...ok...the hours are fine, working at the hospital is good...
    The catch. I start nursing school in January. Ideally I wanted a job that would prepare me / get my feet wet to the surroundings of nursing. I was told this job would be good for me. Well, I disagree. I do not work with the first nurse...i pick up specimans at labs througout the day...i draw blood for 2 hours 3x a week. And now they have said I will be getting 20 hours or less a week! It started out as 28 hours part time. I just started this job 3 weeks ago and I am ready for a transfer...but the hospital has a policy about that! What should I do? I don't want to quit the hospital all together but I am miserable! help help! I just went though orientation too!
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  3. by   Vsummer1
    I hate to say this... but one of the girls who failed out on clinicals was doing your job. And she failed out... she thought she was getting patient skills and ended up with nothing, not even passing clinicals!!! But, she thought she had skills... even those of us with NO patient contact fared better so it may have been study skills and attitude also ...

    The CNA's or unlisenced assistant personnel people are doing very well though.

    Perhaps you should consider working in LTC...
  4. by   Rena RN 2003
    look at the job postings for the hospital that you are working for. see if they have an pca positions available. best of luck.
  5. by   shabookitty
    Thanks vsummer and Rena,
    I didn't sleep a wink last night knowing that I had to report to this job. I can't continue...my anxiety is killing me. I have 5 am sticks at LTCs'. I don't mind drawing blood, but I do not like drawing it from these patients.
    Get this! I have been working there 3wks...no phleb training whatsoever, and they want to release me to go ALONE to draw. Which super failed to tell me at interview.
    I must mention I draw 3x a week...so that is 9days of training...only 2 of which I have used to do some sticks! And they are now saying that I will be only working 20 hours or less. Grrrr.
    But, sticking isn't difficult...it is the patients. These guys are sooooHARD to draw from! They have poor veins, they scream, hit...pull ya down in bed...curse ya...and I have a needle!!!yikes! I am not ready for this. I don't like working with these patients.
    okay, so i went to super...she said she would give me more time. Well, I don't want time. I want out. I went to Human resource dept for transfer. They say I must go to super and director and get permission...and they also said..."you are just new, give it time" Grrrrr. They said that rules are I must work one year before I am able to transfer NOt unless super and dir say ok. Grrr
    Then they added "Give it time, we don't want you to have to quit"
    I don't want to quit, just a new job. So now, I am crying my eyes out. I need money, I like the hospital, but I am in the wrong job. and noone is taking me seriously. help!
  6. by   studentOH
    I'd go with long term care. It's hard work but it will make you stronger and will look great on your resume the next time you go shopping for a job. And you can always come back to the hospital after you graduate .

  7. by   Notanurse
    Can't say I have any good advice but I will relay a personal experience that has a definite correllation...
    My wife was in the hospital two months ago. Blood draws and central line cause a couple a blown veins. They had to do a contrast CT and used a IV team that also had trouble. Terrible experience. Then LAST WEEK, I am in the hospital. Three awful nurses tried to draw blood and start a central line. I wanted to fight them and curse them because they sucked!
    Now, here come the advice: Learn to be a great needle-sticker. It really is underrated how important that skill is. If either times that portion would have went well, I would be telling you about how great the nurses I or my wife had. But simply because they didn't do a good job on blood work only, I have a bad opinion.
    Just by two cents worth.
  8. by   shabookitty
    OMG! I am so sorry to hear what you went through. To have to sit and watch your wife go through that. (((Notanurse)))
    I have witnessed a few scarey scenarios myself...none to my doing. If I have trouble with first stick I will try a different spot only one other time...two is my limit. With my trainer there, Iwill typically just hand it over if the initial stick is difficult. No sense to cause more pain...In LTC patients it is crucial in most cases b/c they are on serious meds and have serious conditions. So, immediate collection is needed to measure.You can only imagine the pressure you feel to get it. I try to read the test. Usually that lets you know how impt it is. And trying the next day would be better. Lots of these patients draws are affected by dehydration, and moodiness , and meds, rolling veins, hard to see veins, or veins that are in terrible condition. With your wife, I don't know the reason for such trouble. I feel I have the technique down...it is just so hard to do on these guys. The anxiety of not knowing the patient and how they are going to react when I walk into the room. Nurses have more familiarity with there patients b/c they have had them for a period of time...or med charts. Typically I am seeing them for the first time holding needle! ALONE! ha! Thanks for sharing your experience with me.