I get my fall schedule done tomorrow...

  1. I have my first meeting with my academic advisor, and we will be going over my transcripts and doing up my fall course schedule. I'm so glad to be getting it done this early, so I will be able to plan for any child care I may need and my family will be able to plan also. Hopefully I can also get my text books early also.

    I'm then going to an Open House at the end of June for new students, and I'll get my parking permit, student ID, and I'm sure a whole bunch of other necessities.

    I'm getting so excited!
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  3. by   PCGrad06
    It takes a load off just knowing the classes you will be taking. I got mine finished. They are the 2 Nursing classes (8hrs).

    Best of Luck tomorrow
  4. by   suzy253
    That is an exciting feeling--things are starting to become 'real' now for you. Enjoy yourself!