I found out something dishonorable about my program today - page 2

All, I was getting some counseling preparing to transfer out of my community college program. I made the assumption that since I only had a few prerequisites to complete for the RN program, I... Read More

  1. by   Peeps Mcarthur

    That's great that your job is getting off to the right start!

    I would like to hear about your sales adventures. It must be very rewarding to be supplying the health care industry with the real tools for the job. Pharmacology is something that this school skimmed over completely and I was very disapointed. I wonder if my school has a class that will transfer?...........NOT!:chuckle
  2. by   Angella Walker
    Just wanna add a little something to Peeps last post, RN is not a "traditional" track to becoming a PA. I work for the PA program in my school. It is a 5-year masters program if you don't have a bachelor's degree. turns into a 7 year program with a bachelors degree. The last 3 years are manditory for all students.

    If nothing else was helpful on this thread, this was!!! There is no excuse for not doing your research. If you are going to invest in all of that time and money in something, make sure you are doing it the most economical way and not "time wasting". To sit down and think about the total amt of time and money spent on my education so far would be scarier to me than childbirth (and i have 3 kids) lol.

    God Bless