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I am so upset right now. I made a "D" in Med/Surg I. I got my final grade early this morning and I was unable to go to the school to talk to my advisor to see what to do now. The thing that really... Read More

  1. by   djkmc1998
    Im sorry to hear that....nursing school is hard, we have our med-surg midterm on next Thursday, on my birthday no less! So I will have the best birthday ever, or not so much! Im hoping for the good birthday!!! I am nervous, if our grade avg goes below an 80, we are DONE. I am 6 months away from graduation, but I keep telling myself, if I dont pass, I will just go back next year. Anyway.....keep your head up and enjoy this holiday season!!! Take care.
  2. by   LeaRN2008
    I also failed my Med/Surg final. I was doing fine in the class and bombed the final, and I do mean bombed. I have cried for two days and I feel really stupid right now. Its not that I don't know the material because I do but these tests really throw me. I know that this is the way NCLEX questions are and it really has me worried even more about passing that. I had to reapply to the program and just hope that I can get back in. The counselor said I should have no problem but you never know. I will find out this afternoon if I get back in so just pray for me.
  3. by   NaomieRN
    I am sorry.
    I hope you do better next time.
  4. by   Deliasgone
    Thanks so much for your hugs and encouragement. I went and spoke to my dept. head this morning and she is pretty sure that I can get back in next semester (as long as they can find the faculty ) I was feeling pretty down yesterday but I'm ready to get back on the horse now. Thanks again and I wish the best of luck to everybody with exams, future semesters, etc.

    I'm in Pendleton at TCTC (right next to Clemson).
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  5. by   ProfRN4
    Delia, and all the others: I feel for you. I really do. As an educator (and of course, a former student), I know how devastating this is. I was always a borderline student in school, so it very well could have happened to me.

    My students found out their fate yesterday. It was not pretty for those who failed .

    It sucks that a final can make or break you. I think most students assume the final will boost your grade, and underestimate it's value if you do poorly.

    However, this does not mean it is over. It may seem like the end of the world right now, but it is only 6 months longer than you anticipated. If you really want this, you will do it. Do you know where you went wrong? Was it knowledge, test taking, or just a bad day? Whatever it is, hopefully you can resolve the issue for next semester.
  6. by   zena231
    I am so sorry to hear that. I hope everything works out for you. Consider yourself hugged. It's really tough being in nursing school, and very smart people sometimes fail.
  7. by   BROOK9960
    Just remember........your future patients will thank you sooooo much that you did not give up and tried, tried again. I have watched so many of my closest friends (and even my sister) not pass pharmacology this past semester, and it is heart-breaking! Not only because they did not make it, but because I know it could easily be me the coming semester and the fact that they were my strength this and now they have to support me from the side-lines with broken hearts. Don't let the horse keep you down.........you can do it! All of us who are in school right along with you...........we give you three cheers---because we know how truly difficult it is. You hang in there---a few months down the road, you will be gleaming with pride as you proudly tell others that you have your lisence. :biere: :smiley_aa
  8. by   x3xsolxdierx3x
    I always tell people that I was convinced that I was a great student.....until I joined the Nursing program......the challenges Iv'e experienced have far exceeded many other things I have gone through (with exception to my experiences in the Army).....Nurses are very special people and the demand is one that many people can't relate to, unfortunately.

    Hang in there,

  9. by   shoegirl28
    I can say I understand what you went through 110%. I too failed in nursing (clinical) in semester three for "questionable" reasons. I have since passed and am back on my feet. However when I was told I failed and the way I was treated my faculty members when I said I wanted to go back and do it again was horrid. I felt like my soul and been ripped out of me. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that if I quit I would be giving them some satisfaction that they got what they wanted. I was not going to let them steal my dream of being a nurse. I posted my story on another forum I visit. If you are interested I will post it here.

    Going back is not easy but it is worth it.
  10. by   Deliasgone
    Quote from nurse educate
    Do you know where you went wrong? Was it knowledge, test taking, or just a bad day? Whatever it is, hopefully you can resolve the issue for next semester.
    I was having anxiety issues all semester and I kept putting therapy off b/c of a previous bad experience w/a therapist. I guess it all kept building up and I finally snapped at the end. The last week of lecture I blacked out in class b/c it got so bad. Well, the good thing is I finally bit the bullet and started seeing a different therapist (and I think I will get the therapy I need this time). I've decided not to let this whole experience get me down. I missed the cutoff for passing by only .6 of a whole point but now that I look back on the entire semester, I really don't remember much. It's all cloudy and right now I think that re-taking the course will be the best thing for me (and my pts ) in the long run.
  11. by   abundantjoy07
    My first time taking Med/Surg I failed by 3 or 4 points.
    I had to wait a year for the class to come back around and retake it.
    I made a B my second time around and I learned so much that I never learned the first time around.

    If I could I would retake pharmacology and health assessment. After taking med/surg again, I'm convinced you learn more the second time around.
  12. by   nurseangel47
    Oh girl. I feel your pain. I too failed the very next to the last quarter of nursing school's clinical was back when...delayed my graduation to the next spring of the following year. Boy was I an emotional trainwreck! But you know what? I felt stronger after that experience. I sailed thru the last semester I had to take over and was a better person and nurse for having gone thru it!:angel2: :mortarboard: :studyowl:
  13. by   vcmoni
    I'm sorry. I know how painful it is to fail nursing school. I'm in your shoes. Don't give up!!!!! I'm trying to get back into nursing school my self. I wish you luck!!!!!:spin: