I Did it!!! I'm done with school!!

  1. Done. I'm finished with nursing school. Just found out my final grade. I PASSED!!!. All I have to do now is pass boards. For all of you who are still going strong you CAN DO IT!! My words of wisdom. Every time you sit down to take a test tell yourself " I can do this. This test will not beat me. I'm going to beat this test. Now let's do this."
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  3. by   en1024
    Congrats! That is very exciting that you finished! It must be such a relief. I start NS this fall. I can't wait till I can post something similar! It seems far off though!
  4. by   ange26s
    Congratulations! I know you must be so proud of yourself! I take my final exam tomorrow and then my pinning ceremony is tues! Its definitly a time for celebration! Good luck with the NCLEX, if you got through NS you can get through the
  5. by   FloridaNeuroRN
    Congratulations! I'm half way through myself and feel like I'm floundering right now. Will I always feel like I'm swimming in a sea of what the heck do I do now? It really sucks feeling like this. I miss my friends in last term. I'm sure I'll make new ones, but for now it really stinks!
  6. by   gillytook

    Doesn't it feel great. Just think, you will never again have to walk into a patient's room and say "Hi I'm ___ and I'll be your student nurse today."

    Good luck as you begin your career.

    I got pinned tonight and am ready to start my journey as a nurse also.
  7. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    Congratulations to you all, not move over it's my turn to start. HAHA Just kidding, seriously, congrats!
  8. by   lilbutterfly1
    Congratz!! and thank you for those words I am starting nursing school this fall and I am very scared!!!
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  10. by   jeninthedesert
    Congrats! And, good luck with the boards!!