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Ok, now that I've gotten that off my chest, back to the books. :lol2: Actually, I'm a little aggravated because yesterday a classmate claimed they only need to study two hours before a test... Read More

  1. by   shel_wny
    Quote from lizz
    Actually, I'm a little aggravated because yesterday a classmate claimed they only need to study two hours before a test and that they still get A's.
    More than likely if they feel the need to preach that, they're embellishing. I had a girl in my AP lab who wouldn't shut up about how wonderful her grades were and how she didn't even try or study. She was nasty to the instructor, loud as hell, and everyone hated her guts. She didn't show for a couple of classes and everyone stood around beaming ear to ear.
    If someone told me that they only studied 2 hours and yadda yadda I'd just say at the end, "That's a really nice story...got any more really nice stories."
    My sarcasm always earns me a cold look or a punch on the arm but I swear, everyone else around you will thank you for it. :P

  2. by   shel_wny
    Quote from walterrn
    I have very little "short term memory". I had fellow classmates (younger ones) that could party the noc before a test, open up the book for the first time two hours before the test and ace it. I on the other hand, had to read the chapter, reread the chapter, reread the chapter and highlight the pertinent stuff, take the pertinent stuff and trasfer it to my computer to make study cards, which I would read on the way to school to get that same ace.

    The difference is, my studying went into long term memory and remembered, while short term memory stuff is dumped by the brain to get ready for new short term stuff.

    Walter the Nurse
    If you want a super helpful way of reading a textbook check out the SQ4R method or PQ4R method. It's quite interesting and to be honest, it helped me lots! My mind often wanders or drifts away as I am reading my textbook or trying to focus. This method kept me more on track and I found that I retained the information much better. Just search it on Google and I'm sure you'll get lots of resources for the method.

  3. by   mariedoreen
    You know I read in another forum someone said something like "Anyone can get an A if they take a lot of time to study. The key is to learn to study smarter not harder." I'm like, well I don't know how to do that because the only way I was able to get my As was with taking time, LOTS of time, to study. This girl that sits next to me in Biochem says the same thing... she spends hardly anytime studying yada yada yada. I believe her. I also believe that she gets a lot of answers off my paper during the exams ; ) Guess who was the biggest one to complain when the instructor told us all to change seats during the rest of our exams? Sure, she doesn't need to spend a lot of time studying, because I'm doing it for her!! (Oh yes, and her next exam score after being moved was a C!)
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    Quote from lizz
    But, as I'm facing yet another weekend glued to the books instead of swimming in my pool (where I want to be) the remark sticks in my mind.
    Can't you compromise, and lay out on your inflatable pool bed while reading?? That's what I would do. Just don't fall asleep and sink your book. LOL