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Last semester I failed Patho, Now this fall Iam going to retake it. Please does any one know how best I can study for this class?. I am realy Worried. :cry: :cry::cry:... Read More

  1. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    Look at it this way, you already have a huge advantage, although you didn't get it the first time around I would bet that the second time it will all start coming together a lot easier.

    Our Pathophysiology class is a separate class as well. You can take it during the RN program or you can get it out of the way if you have time before. I am taking it right now and I start NS in August. My last exam is T or Th of next week. (we get to pick what day we want to take it on) and I am done.

    I found this class a lot easier than Micro, Organic Chem and Chem. But not easy by any means.

    Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it, things will start coming together more when you take it again, if you find your self starting off bad look into your college's learning opportunity center (or equivalent) and get some tutoring.
  2. by   buttercup99
    Do you have "course objectives" eg - a list of things that "you will understand when you finish this topic"

    If so, go through these and use them as your guide as to what you need to know and your guide for exam revision. If anything in your exam is not on that list, you have a case to complain about. The main thing is- understand the underlying idea behind each topic rather than every little detail. If you understand the prefixes and suffixes i.e - hypo-, hyper-, neuro, -oma, -otomy, -scopy, endo-, gastro- etc etc. and the underlying theory behind things, you will be able to work out the answers to questions on details that you hadn't learnt. I had many multiple choice exam questions that I figured out the answers to based on what I already knew! For example, if they say patient A had a hyponeurogastroscopyoma, you will know AH! he had a low brain stomach camera tumour! AND IT WILL ALL BECOME MUCH CLEARER!!!

    Do Not make the mistake of trying to learn facts. You must understand the underlying theory. Then you can figure out how it interconnects with medical conditions yourself. ONLY learn what the lecturer requires of you. They put a lot of extra detail in that isn't important for assessment. When you understand, you will remember. That is the key.

    Good Luck and you can do it! If I say you can do it, then anyone can say you can do it! (Sorry, weird mood. Second week of surgical placement and I'm not used to the early starts.)

    You CAN do it!
  3. by   ttt-n
    If you understand the information rather than memorizing it, it will be easier to retain. I usually read my notes at least 5-6 times before the test. Read it out loud. Studies show that you retain at least 80 percent of the information when your reading it out loud because your processing the information while reading it.
  4. by   Sarah Hay
    We do not take pathophysiology as a seperate course. It comes along with Med-Surg I and II.
  5. by   Cyn2school
    you might be surprised what you will pick up with patho this time around. Some people need 2 exposures to get it. Consider an online class over the summer all by itself so you can concentrate on it. SBCC in Santa Barbara offers it online, Moorpark College, Moorpark, CA offers it online. Reread the previous posts to get some good ideas so you can be successful this time. You really have to put the time into it. It sounds like you need encouragement.