I am getting really frustrated w/ my school!

  1. I guess the title says it all. We had interviews the first of last week and were told that we would know by the end of this week whether or not we got in. Well, I hadn't gotten a letter of any sort yet, so I call the application coordinator and she says she hasn't even gotten the letters to mail out yet! I am just getting really peeved, this program has done this all semester long. They say that things will happen by a certain date, that date comes and goes, and I call and am told that "oh they are just running behind" what's the point in giving out dates if you aren't going to honor them? I would rather them over estimate their dates so that we aren't stressing and stalking the mailman. :angryfire

    I just hope that this isn't a reflection on the program as a whole...

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  3. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Quote from angelac1978
    I just hope that this isn't a reflection on the program as a whole...

    I would be willing to bet that this is a DIRECT reflection of the program.
  4. by   wonderbee
    I can give no solace but can tell you that the communication system in many nursing programs, mine included, can cause a student to get a peptic ulcer. Consider this a foretaste of coming attractions. There are behind the scenes reasons but hey, the bottom line is that you either get used to it or blow a gasket.
  5. by   tonicareer
    Get used to it. Most schools fly by the seat of their pants. Just expect this stuff and it won't worry you so much. Just remember though that just because they are not organized doesn't mean that they will ever give you any excuse to be late for any deadlines.