I Am Frustrated!!!!

  1. I am A 21 year old college student in Maplewood,Mn. I am very frustrated in how almost all of the colleges have a one or two year waiting list for student to get in to the nursing program. Of course the students who have been on the wait list before already have a spot for the next start date. Am I ever going to get in anywhere? I have been researching and wanting to transfer to another school but there is no hope I am almost done with pre reqs but I don,t know if I will get a spot for fall 2004. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I thought about moving to another city but I do have a small child I would have to travel with. What should I do???
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  3. by   babynursewannab

    Where did you apply? I'm from MN and the only school's I'm actually familiar with are St.Mary's and The U. Are those the two you applied to?
  4. by   JULZ
    I have the same waiting game here in PA. I wanted to be in this fall's class but am having to wait at least one year, maybe more! I think they should have a new class start each semester and run summer months for some nursing classes because they are booked too fast. More money for them, more options for a career that is in need!

  5. by   princess20
    I am at Century Community and technical College in whtie Bear Lake. I heard about the U but I think I wouln't be a good fit there. and at St. Mary's is way to expensive I had to transfer out because it was putting a hole in my pocket!! Thanks for the input I really appreciate it.
  6. by   love4neos
    Are you sure the waiting list is accurate? A lot of times there is a long list, but that doesn't mean it takes as long as they say. Students choose other schools or things happen in their lives and they don't go. You should keep your hopes up, you never know what might happen. They could call you tomorrow and tell you you moved up on the list! I know it happens at schools here.
  7. by   tris
    Hang in there----where I went to school I didn't get in right away--but like someone said things happen and in a few weeks I was called and got in--so keep up the faith --you never know---good luck!!!
  8. by   NurseStacey143
    Unfortunatly, this is a fact of life. Take some BSN courses in the meantime and don't give up. We need better facilities and more instuctors. IT would help out tremendously with the nursing shortage, but the resources just aren't there. I got in the first semester I applied. For the RN program, my school makes a new list every year. IT is based on your GPA to get in...not a typical first come first serve list. Its a good idea since what you recieve in A&PI and II gives you a good idea in how you will do in the nursing program. Also, my school accepts 60 students per year. We were down to 120ish on the list before we filled the class. It is true that many people who have great GPA's will change their minds about going or go elsewhere!
  9. by   giftedRN
    I too was not accepted at the University I attend but I am on an alternate list at the community college at present. I am hoping to get in for the fall because I was told that there are only 21 students on the alternate list. It was very frustrating for me when I did not get in but I decided to have hopes because one never knows, a space may be vacant very soon.

    Do not give up.

  10. by   RN2007
    I know what many of you are talking about. I am in process of starting A&P classes that are the pre-requisites and it will take me 2 terms to finish those, and only after completing those, can my name be added to the schools waiting list. So, according to the Nursing Program Dir., it will be 2005 before I start the ADN program. She told me the waiting list is mainly because there is never enough places for students to do their clinical course requirements, therefore, regardless of the nursing shortage, this is the main problem.. Interesting...
  11. by   Bevi
    you'll get there princess........ step by step......
    <smile> thinking positive thoughts for you