I am freaking over my GPA!!!

  1. I am 32 now, and I went to college right out of high school for about 3 years. I made alot of mistakes then, and dropped out. I just went back to school this past semester, and took chemistry and medical terminology. Well, my GPA at beginning of semester was exactly 2.5, which is required to get into nursing. I thought I was doing really well this semester, got a B in terminology and C in chem, but it dropped my GPA to a 2.483!!!! The C killed me! Now I have micro biology, A&P, and nutrition that I have to do REALLY well on, or I will never get into the nursing program.

    Could just use a little encouraging words here...(hehehe) Has anyone else had to bring up your GPA to get it?
    Man, your past really does come back to haunt you, doesnt it?
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  3. by   peaceful2100
    Oh, I know all about the past coming back to haunt you. That happened to me and I worked like mad to raise my GPA. I started out with a 1.0 GPA and then I raised my GPA up to a 2.8 by the time I applied to nursing which was good enough for the nursing school I am in. They were totally impressed with the changes and how I managed to nearly flunk out my first semester to making honor roll for every semester there after. Your GPA can drop just like that but when you try to raise it then it is hard to raise it up and it don't go up just like that.

    Chemistry is a hard class. IT was my HARDEST class. I did a whole lot better in Nutrition, Anatomy, phyisology and microbiology then I did in Chemistry. I nearly failed Chemistry at the final in chemistry saved my rear end. I got a tutor and studied my rear end off and managed to pull a C out of chemistry.

    I truly feel that you will do better in Micro, Anatomy and physiology and nutrition then you did in Chemistry. Keep the faith and the sprits and keep your eyes on the prize (getting accepted into nursing school and becoming a nurse)
  4. by   subec
    I agree with Peaceful. My first semester GPA (11 years ago) was horrible. It wasn't until I started paying for school myself that my grades improved. I did so much better in A & P and microbiology, mainly because these were classes that truly pertained to medicine. If you do well in these classes, then you should do well in your nursing classes as well. After finishing my pre-reqs, my GPA is 3.1. So, it can be done.

    My best advice to you is to read, re-read, and if you still don't understand the material, read it a third time. A & P is difficult, but a lot of fun.

    Good luck to you.

  5. by   studiouslpn
    A "C" is wonderful and you earned it, but unfortunately it does drag your g.p.a. down. Do your best in your next classes and also take a phys. ed class like step aerobics if your school offers it or something similar get an "A" and watch that g.p.a. rise ,rise, rise. I got a "C" in chemistry and it took me down to a 2.8 and the p.e. class took me back up in combo. with gettin "B"s in nursing clases to 3.289 imagine that, however we only need to have and maintain a 2.0.
  6. by   jnicoley
    I agree with studiouslpn, take just one of those PE classes and it is unbelievable. It is also great to be able to take a PE class because most are only one credit and you don't have to pay for a three or four credit class.
  7. by   ashemson
    Thanks, I didn't think of that! I am the aerobics queen,(haha) maybe I will do that. I could use those "A"'s!
  8. by   colleen10
    I agree with everyone else in that when you have a decent GPA one low grade will bring your GPA down and then it is sooooo hard to get it up again.

    I never thought about taking a Gym class, that's a good idea. Especially if you allready like Aerobics. Be careful though. I took "Fitness for Life" as my gym class and it might as well have been "Jogging for hte rest of your Life". I'm in relative good shape but I absolutely despise jogging or running!