I am done!!!!!!!(for three weeks)

  1. well, I am done with my psych and ob rotation. I got a B in psych and an A in OB. I am so ready for this break because when I go back that is when the fun starts with medsurg. I plan on working as much as possible and relaxing and enjoying my kids. I already have a job waiting for me at OSU after I graduate, so I am really excited. Life is good and I am happy. I am so glad I have this BB to come to vent and also to tell of the good times. I actually went out and bought a bottle of wine. I wouldn't drink during the quarter because I didn't want to kill my braincells. I am rambling but I had to tell someone!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   KristaB
    Congratulations, Jane. I hope your next term goes as well for you as this one.

    Take a sip of wine for me. I won't be drinking until after my final on Monday...

  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    Enjoy your needed break and congratulations!
  5. by   essarge
    WTG..Great Job!! I've only got two days of finals (Mon & Tues) and then I'm done until Jan 7th when I picked up Spanish I for the Winterim (which is four weeks) then on to Spring with 18 credits. My friend and I figured out that we only have 5 semesters left (sounds allot less than 2 YEARS!!!)LOL!

    Everyone have a great break!!