HRSA grant Critical shortage facilities

  1. i want to and do qualify for this grant. however, my daughter and grand babies live in pa. i don't want to sign up because i am going to school in colorado and have to get by my daughter after graduation. can anyone help with this?????? thank you in advance:d:d
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  3. by   elkpark
    Sounds like you have familiarized yourself with the conditions of the grant and they're not acceptable to you. What kind of "help" are you looking for?
  4. by   seasoned hopeful
    i need to move to where my daughter and grandbabies are at after graduation. are there critical shortage facilites in or around pa? i am just wondering where these facilities are? i do not want to use the grant then they want me to go to puerto rico for 2 years.
  5. by   pinkiepie_RN
    These grants are typically done by state. I have received one through the state of MD and I attend a school in MD and will be working here after graduation. - This link describes the "critical shortage facilities". You are not guaranteed a job and they don't just place you somewhere. You pretty much just can't work in the following:

    • Free Standing Clinics that do not qualify as one of the above CSFs;
    • Renal Dialysis Centers;
    • Private Practice Offices;
    • Assisted Living Facilities; and
    • Private For-Profit Facilities.

    Hope this helps!