How will I ever survive?

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    I'm new here and went back to college in 2002. I started the nursing program this semster. I have three children and a husband of almost 8 years.I've went from being extremly overwhelmed to better back to overwellemed. I got better when i passed my first practical and dosage calc test on the first attemp. Then we got onto meds and shots. Now I'm scared. I really want this, there is nothing else I desire to do, but there is this nagging thought in the back of my head that I can't do this. I want to do it, but when I get nervous I tend to get flustered and make mistakes. It's not so much my nerves with the patient, it's my nerves with my clinical instructor hovering over my every move that makes me nervous. I have my second practical and 3rd exam next Thursday and it's all medication administration and pharm. Then spring break. Then the following week my first clinical in ortho. Is this normal what I'm feeling or am I not cut out for this? I feel like I'm the only one in my class that feels inadequete. They all look so calm, maybe they hide it better than I do. I had such a horrible day yesterday, I thought "this is just way to much stress for one person, i can't deal with this" Today I'm better. I understand this probobly won't be the last day I will feel like this. Does it ever get better? Any advice on how to cope better? I'm so glad I found this site.

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  3. by   Baby Catcher
    What you're feeling is perfectly normal. I bet everyone in your class feels that way. Whenever we have an emergency situation at work I feel scared and flustered but no one else thinks I am. I told another nurse that she is so calm in those situations and she said she was scared and thought I was the calm one. I think people always precieve themselves as being less competent than they really are.I'm sure you are doing just fine.
    I know what you mean about those hovering instructors. I hated that, but you just have to know your stuff, be prepared, and just pretend they aren't there.
  4. by   jemommyRN
    Just be positive about the situation. You have to pray and know that He is going to guide you through every step that you take throughout nursing school. Remain focused and take deep breaths. I know that you can do this. Just from the way that you talk about how bad you want it. You have done very well so far and I know that it is a scary thought "with the instructor breathing down your back". But, remember that they are supposed to be there to help and let's hope that you make the mistakes now so that you won't make them later in life as a professional RN. I am praying for you.
  5. by   RedSox33RN
    It is so normal to be nervous. It just mean you are learning something new. Instructors hovering can be nerve-wracking, but I think it may be because 1) they need to make sure you are doing something correctly, and 2) possibly to get you used to people scrutinizing your every move.

    I find that an open line of communication really, really helps (I'm not in nursing school yet, but has helped in my pre-req classes). Ask your instructor if you're doing well, if there is something you should be working on, or focusing on more.

    I've found not shouldering the burden all to myself works too. Lean on your husband, a counselor, or pray. My mother passed away very suddenly 5 months ago, and I have her old prayer box. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed and need to talk to her, I put a prayer in the box, asking God to let her hear me and my prayers. I feel like that is my open line of communication!

    I think if you talk to others in your group, you will find you are not alone.