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For anyone else who started nursing school today (or anytime recently), what do you think so far? How did it go? Hope no one got scared away! I have my first class at 3:00, and I am so excited! I'm... Read More

  1. by   locolorenzo22
    Ok, I just started last R and it was a little rough. The instructors provided us powerpoints for first 2 days as they understood we obviously wouldn't have read anything before class the first week. Of course out of 70 spots, there are 3 of us guys. One's in my clinical group, would rather not be partnered with him(he's a bit of a slacker from prereqs). Not bad as I met few new people, briefly.
    In my seminar(ethics/law/theory of nursing) class, 10-11, we were given handouts about a paper we have to write comparing our values to Orem's theory of nursing. Then we have to do a community and culture assesment about an interview subject's view of healthcare. We got our program handbooks which we're covering for next 2 weeks.
    Then onto Intro to nursing...theory portion R 1-4:15. We got syllabus, then started going over dosage calculations, communications and immobility...One 15 min break, and of course, the guy has to go in the middle of class...after break! We also got our huge 225 page outline book which talks about what we need to know for each unit, pages/where we can find info, and subject dividers. Although the vital signs chapter wasn't very helpful(gonna have to reread that!) So had 5 chapters to read just for that class for tomorrow.
    Then Friday (8-12) is lab/clinical time. We got another syllabus, then were oriented to our lab/clinical group, then went over medical terminology, common lab tests/values, and vital signs(brief). Anyone else having problems with all sites for pulses? This week we're going to be doing the physical assessment. Instructors say we have to bring in someone to demo it, but I have no family close by, and no friends all that close. Any suggestions?
    Also, the physical assessment is freaking me out! I just read in the pocket guide all the different sections? HOW am I going to know what is what? (heart sounds, lung sounds, areas to put steth on, part of steth to use??) ARRGGHHH!!
    Ok, now that the drool has dried, it's back to work tomorrow! Speaking of work, I'm currently unemployed and trying desperately to get back into the employment market.....Go figure. Guess that CNA and activity director certificate doesn't mean all that much.
  2. by   barbnyc
    All day orientation and lots of papers including a 250 page study guide/syllabus for Fundamentals course and comprehensive class schedule. An interesting presentation on Spiritual Care. Other syllabus materials for Math Dosing and Therapeutic Intervention will be given next week. Next day was all day AHA BCLS training and passed the training. Official class starts on Tuesday, 9/5.

    Yesterday I got my photo ID, uniforms, shoes, steth and B/P cuff. I have all of my books. I started studying yesterday and I woke up this morning feeling some anxiety. I cannot believe the money I have had to spend and the stack of books I have.

    Thank God I completed all of my science and non-nursing courses already. This program is going to be a lot of work and I have to adopt the "one day at a time" attitude or I will get overwhelmed.

    I'm looking forward to getting started. It took so much energy to get through all the non-nursing courses and the nursing admissions process.

    I know I made the right decision with this nursing program. From a review of my schedule for the next week, 7 chapters are covered in the nursing textbook. I am feeling some anxiety but I am going to give it my best effort.

    Good luck to everyone else who is beginning the journey.
  3. by   changeoflife
    School starts on Tuesday (Sept 5th). We had orientation this week. How is it humanly possible to have homework BEFORE school even starts! I've had more reading to do this week than I did while taking A&P and Micro combined!

    The tension is mounting for Tuesday. Please God tell me that we don't have to do what the one poster talked about (having to put on gowns with shorts & Ts). Too many guys in my class for me to feel comfortable about that one!

    I haven't been this nervous about school for a long time!:uhoh21:

  4. by   SmetRN2008
    My first day was Aug. 21st. So far things have not been that bad. Yeah, I've read quite a bit but not an overwhelming amount. Lectures are very thorough and easy to understand. Our teacher also hands out copies of the powerpoints and the powerpoints pretty much have everything on them that we need to know for tests. Class is only 3 hours on M & T, then for the first 5 weeks we have skills lab on W & R for 3 hours and then we'll go on to clinicals after we are checked off in the skills lab. I have actually been pleasantly suprised so far and have been very relaxed these past 2 weeks. I've made out a study plan for the entire semester and know exactly what I need to do each day to keep up and that takes a lot of stress off too. I really like all of my instructors too which helps. My school also has a very good rep. Before I started I heard so many positive things about their program and the nurses that I talked to that graduated from there told me I would love it. I really think I will. I'm sure I'll go through my fair share of stressful times as all nursing students do, but what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger right? LOL I think I'll enjoy my nursing school experience