How was you education experience?

  1. I am just so confused on what to do right now. I am in A&P I and failing. I understand the info but my professor writes REALLY hard exams. I do well in lab but it is just his exams that get me. I will more than likely drop this class but I am deciding if I should retake the class with another professor or just change my major altogether.

    I come on here and read post how many of you say "oh that was easy" and "I loved that class". My question to you is how do you really feel your whole pre-req/nursing education was? Did you find your self at one point thinking of changing because it was so difficult? Did just find it really easy? Or did you devote your life to studying all the time?

    I really need help on deciding what to do. I want to be a nurse really bad but I feel like I don't have the brains to get through these classes. Please offer feedback and advice. I really need it.
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  3. by   MomNRN
    I suggest you speak with the professor. It might also be helpful to get a tutor.

    When I had A&P, I found websites on the internet that would have sample tests. They were either connected to the textbook publisher's website or online through other universities. You would be amazed at what you can find to help you study.

    Our college had a computer room with additional study materials. You could get supplemental information there directly related to the chapter you would be studying.

    There were also study groups that got together to go over info. I prefer to study alone so I never got involved in those. They did help some though.

    Good luck!
  4. by   LeesieBug
    If you drop it, don't change your major because of one class! If you really want to be a nurse, keep at it!

    I know some of the instructors have tests that are insane! I discovered this in chemistry last year. I took one look at the first quiz in August and didn't take my nose out of my chem book until MAY! He was one of those that explains things fine, notes seem fairly straightforward..then....WHAMO..on the test he seems to think his students have their masters in chemistry! Luckily he was a very nice man, though, so it made it hard to hate him too much

    What was said above is good advice...I used the internet a great deal, because I was able to find many web-sites that made complex subjects very easy to understand. I agree that it would also be a very good idea to talk to the instructor before dropping.

    Is it possible that the horribly fast pace of summer session courses is also adding to the problem? Maybe if you take it in the fall, it will be more manageable. Good luck, whatever you decide!
  5. by   Gampopa
    I took Anatamy last fall and it was seperate from Phys. which I'm taking now. For me the anatomy was really challenging because it was so detailed and based on memorization. The prof. I had was good, really worked to make things clear. Still I had to study every night with flash cards going over the notes, over and over again. The class really made me question if I wanted to do this. I felt like I was failing at every turn. I ended up with a B+ and the Prof. gave me a good rec. that I'm sure helped in my acceptance to NUrsing school. I'm taking Phys. now at summer school and it sucks. First time teacher, too much material, too little time. I don't think I'm learning much at all but will probably get a B. His exams are really vague and picky. Can't wait till it's over. Talk to the Prof. see if he can suggest anything. Get tutoring help and look on line for anatomy sites. And yeah. If you're struggling, study but give yourself breaks and try not to psyche yourself out. It's difficult enough without adding that to the equation. Good luck! You can always take it over.
  6. by   iliel
    I took A&P I with a teacher last semester that was so nice. BUT, I had a very hard time following him. I didn't do so hot in my eyes, but I have decided not to take him again. As nice as he was, I may need a teacher who tests and teaches in another fashion. I am also looking into tutors for this semester and found some great website links on this webpage. I wish I could have had a tutor last semester, but with work I never had time.
    Good luck and try to stick it out. I figured, that even if I failed that class last semester, it would help just sitting there, I was bound to learn something and it would make it easier for when I retook it (if I had to) besides, you may suprise yourself and pass it! Also, I wouldn't drop it if you have already paid for it, like I said, stick it out and just try to pick up as much info as you can.
  7. by   Momto2Boys
    Thanks everyone for your feedback. I have visted several websites and taken so many practice test. I go over my notes everyday, listen to recorded lectures and study with groups. I did attend tutoring once but that was very unorganized. I really thought I knew my stuff and when I got the exam it was like I was reading a foreign language. I passed all my labs but not my exams. I can't even explain how hard his exams are. I am going to stay in the class until my last drop date and then decide. Besdies any extra info that I can get I will so it can be easier on me next semester if I do decide to retake the class.
  8. by   Gampopa
    Have you talked to other students in the class to see ehat their experience is? Are you grades at the low end of the curve? If everyone in the class is having difficulty then then prof. might take that into consideration when handing out final grades.
  9. by   iliel
    Momto2boys can you switch your classes to audit?
  10. by   cheripa
    When I took A&PI in the spring, over half of my class was taking it a 2nd or 3rd time! I firmly believe it's the teacher that makes you or breaks you! I've heard that the A&P's and micro are the hardest class in the program.... Make sure you read the text and read the lab book a few times before lecture, and read the end of the chapter questions. With my teacher, which I had class one day a week for 5 hours, she only taught us so much. It will come to you... Also if you have the time, write a chapter out-line for what you read, Write down things you think are important.
    Yeah, I was a study hog for A&P1, but I got my A, and A&PII (2 classes left...) I'm getting an A in it also. A&PII is so much easier, just make sure you understand concepts from A&PI.
    Good luck, and don't give up!! It will be worth it in the end
  11. by   iliel
    I'm glad to hear A&P II is a little easier.
  12. by   Momto2Boys
    Originally posted by iliel
    Momto2boys can you switch your classes to audit?
    What is that? Sorry
  13. by   Gampopa
    Auditing is when you take a class but don't recieve a grade. Another option is to take it pass/fail but that might not be acceptable for your nursing program. BTW I see you're in Colorado, where are you taking your AP? I'm in Coloraod too at UCDenver.
  14. by   Momto2Boys
    Originally posted by Gampopa
    Have you talked to other students in the class to see ehat their experience is? Are you grades at the low end of the curve? If everyone in the class is having difficulty then then prof. might take that into consideration when handing out final grades.
    Its about half and half right now. Half passing and Half failing. I emailed him and asked if I should go ahead and drop or hang in there with a possibility of passing and he told me I can pass. He is also my nursing advisor so I am going to hang in there. We only have 3 more weeks left. He warned us on the very first day that he has a 40% drop/fail rate!