how to write referals

  1. Does any one know some webs teaching nurses how to write referals when patients transfer to another hospital (I don't know what's that called) with samples. Thanks for your help
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    here in the united states this is called an inter-facility transfer form. here are several websites where you can view various samples of what they look like. they are merely a written report of the patient that is given to the facility that is receiving the patient.
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    Our local hospitals use a COC (Continuity of Care). On this, it tells all medications, a head to toe assessment, what level of care is required for each ADL (toileting, teeth care, ambulation, ect.). It tells what tests were done while at the hospital, pertinent labs, any IV's they had. All the nurses have to do is fill it out and the docs write their orders on them and sign it. It will also state their weight bearing status and basically anything that is relevent for their care. It is pretty easy to use and you don't have to try to remember what to include.
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