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    I am an LPN who just got accepted to a LPN to RN bridge program. I am not at a loss, I just found out I am only eligible for $1000 from financial aid and with my credit I am not getting any loans. Does anyone know of Grant's or scholarships out there that may be helpful or any suggestions on paying for school?
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    This is the School Nurse want to post in Nursing School forum. Best of luck.
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  5. by   RainbowSprinkles
    What about federal unsubsidized/subsidized loans?
  6. by   verene
    If you are working as an LPN check to see if your employer offers any tuition assistance, some will offer a (minimal-moderate) amount of aid for employees, usually in the form of reimbursement. Also check with your school's financial aid office for school specific scholarships and grants, these are usually less competitive than one's you find online.
  7. by   Livelaughlove72
    Look into the NurseCorps HRSA scholarship. If you are interested in working in a designated shortage area or institution, and demonstrate financial need. It is highly competitive but I believe it pays full tuition, in exchange for working in a designated shortage area or for a designated institution for a number of years after graduating. If you aren't accepted for the scholarship, you can still apply for loan repayment once working in that field. Just a thought.