How nervous were you when you took the NCLEX? - page 3

On the one hand we have those who have no problems taking test and on the other hand we have those who just break down... Which one are you? How were you when you took the NCLEX? Nervous?... Read More

  1. by   blondiestime2
    Graduated almost 6 months ago and STILL havent taken the NCLEX because of fear and anxiety!! I know, I know, the longer you wait, etc... I am just like the others here who break out in a sweat and the heart starts beating fast when I open a book to study! Its funny, I never did have a problem with tests in school, its just this MAJOR do or die test thats got me all in a tizzy. Everyone keeps telling me, well, if you fail, just take the darn thing again. I can say that, but I dont want to fail! Guess Ill never know unless I take it huh? I should just get over it and find out for myself if the whole NCLEX thing is hyped or what.
  2. by   jojo283
    This is so accurate! After my nclex I had to take a shower ASAP! hahha