how much time ADN vs BSN?

  1. I am trying to decide if I should go for the BSN or ADN. I live in the Sacramento area. It will take me 5 years to get my ADN.How long is it taking for the BSN? Are any of you going to Sac state? Im having trouble with the fact of going to school for 5 years and coming out with an ADN. I would love to hear any advice.
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  3. by   orrnlori
    I'm sorry, but why on earth would it take 5 years to get your ADN?
  4. by   mitchsmom
    Maybe she's going part time?

    In Florida the prerequisites are the same for all RN programs (at least I'm 99.9% sure they are)... by the time you do them and do an ADN program that's 3 years, my thought personally is why not go ahead and do another year and have a Bachelor's (if you are able)??
  5. by   Renee' Y-Y
    I agree...if it's going to take 5 years for ADN you could probably take an extra class here & there, work a little harder that semester, and have your BSN in probably about the same amount of time...maybe a semester or 2 longer. I know there has been an eternal argument about ADN vs. BSN, but there are just some jobs you absolutely will not be considered for without a BSN.
  6. by   Tweety
    Go for the BSN is you're able. Good luck!
  7. by   amber74
    In california you need to have pre reqs done before you apply.There is no possible way to go faster.Here is the problem:

    Fall 2004
    psych 1
    intro algebra
    human develop

    Spring 2005
    algebra(must be done to get into chem 2a)

    Fall 2005
    Chem 2a(must be done to get into biology courses)

    Spring 2006
    ant & phy 1

    Fall 2006
    Ant & phy 2

    Spring 2007 apply to programs for Fall 2007

    then, 2 years nursing,hence... 5 years for a 2 year degree

    Pretty frustrating, huh? There is no possible way to go full time.Each class has prereqs.
  8. by   mitchsmom
    Yeah if you are stuck into that route anyway you might as well fill in some English's and whatnot and get a 4 year degree if you are able. Again, just my opinion
    Oh, and what about Summer semesters?
  9. by   IMustBeCrazy
    Why not get your ADN and take advantage of your employer's tuition reimbursement program when you are hired to get your BSN? The pay difference is nonexistent to negligible for a first-second year RN anyhow.

    Again, the only way a BSN degree will impact you in the workplace is if you intend to do some *very* specific job specialization OR aspire to take an administrative nursing position. Otherwise, (providing the cumulative cost and timing of an ADN is less than a BSN which is usually the situation) there isn't a compelling reason for it, IMHO.

    I already have a Bachelor's degree in another field and am taking the ADN program. I recommend any *quality* CC any day over the insular, high-brow academia nonsense that happens in many Universities. I'm sure there are some Universities that are worthwhile and addressing this problem, but IMO where you have tenured professors you often have a can of worms where quality student education runs at crosspurposes with the individual agendas of the staff.
  10. by   CaliNurs06
    Actually, this is what I all prereqs in fall, summer and fall for 2 years, apply to an ADN program, if you dont get in right away (usual wait here in so cal is 2 semesters) do CSU transefer classes. By the time you get accepted to the ADN program, CSU (sometimes a shorter or no wait) will accept you too. I chose the BSN route at a CSU.
    I guess in some way it is a 5 year plan for the ADN counting the one year waiting period. While waiting to get accepted, you might as well do some GE classes.
    If you start at a CSU it will also take 5 years to get your BSN. All you need to take is the pre-reqs and apply. 2 years of pre-reqs and 3 year nursing program. No need to finish all lower GE or transfer classes prior to applying.

    hope this helps!
  11. by   MyReign1
    Hey Amber,

    Take advantage of the summer as well. That will definately speed you up. Also, I don't know about your school but becauue we self enroll, I was able to get into classes without the prereqs. Trigonometry is a prereq for Physics. I not ony took physics l but physics ll as well. I have never taken trig (except in hs). I have a bachelors in biology. Not only that but on my transcript I took zoology, plant bio, cell bio, and human anatomy before I took chem ll. Are you sure that chem ll is a prereq before you can take your biology courses. If so, are there other community colleges in the area that you may be able to take some classes at at the same time. That schedule you posted is ridiculous. I would be extremely frustrated taking 1 to 2 classes at a time. I suggest going for your bachelors if it is indeed going to take 5 yrs. That way if you have to spend 5 yrs atleast you'll have a 4yr degree.
  12. by   amber74
    I do think it is insane taking two classes at a time.I think Im going to take the pre reqs like I would be going to Sac state,but apply everywhere just in case.I hear people taking ant & phy during the summer.There is so much info in that course,how can you get an A?I heard that Sutter has a program that is accepting people without all the prereqs done.I would love to hear from someone that got accepted into the Sutter/Sac city program.Thanks for all your suggestions!
  13. by   manna
    My BSN will end up having taken me 7 years. Only 2 years of that are nursing courses (junior-senior level), but my pre-reqs took me 5 years because I was going part-time (working full-time).
  14. by   fssmith
    I just got into nursing school and it when I graduate it will be considered a five year journey. First off I applied to all of the nursing programs and had to take what I could get, I also took all of the other classes that I needed for a BSN(English, History, etc.) so that when I get out of school I can do the ADN to BSN in nine months, and most of the classes are online. Meaning I can work and let the hospital pay for me to do the BSN. So really when you add it up it will be about 6 years but when I look at it I started when I was 18 and will be a 24 when I'm completely done. According to my dad that is the age when people are ready for the real world anyway(he think that anyone under that age with no kids or husband are daddy begging, pitiful, spoiled daddy's girl's and I would have to agree- or it may just be me) Anyways take all of the classes that you need for the BSN and do what you need to do. No matter how long it takes it will be worth it in the end!!