How much is your graduation costs?

  1. We have to pay $150.00 for graduation. What do you have to pay and what does the fee pay for?
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  3. by   icesk8ie
    Is that just for graduation? We don't have to pay any "graduation" expenses, but we have plenty of things to pay at graduation time. Let's see... $30 for ATI testing, $20 for nursing cap, $35 for pictures, $105 for license application, $200 for Pearson for the NCLEX, $52 for LiveScan fingerprints, $300 for Kaplan, and I'm pretty sure I'm leaving something out. I'm glad I don't have to pay graduation expenses too...

  4. by   Headhurt
    As a class, we paid alittle over $2K for our pinning...but that covers the venue, flowers, DJ, refreshments, programs, pins (up to a certain amount), slide show presentation, and gifts for the guest speaker and class well as a bunch of little odds and ends. We paid dues every semester, and we had several fundraisers. AND...we still have a bunch of money left over to have a party for the class on the last day of school that will be catered. The only cost that students had to cover was for pictures, announcements, and for their graduation fee (which includes diploma, cap and gown). We are pinning in our commencement gowns, so no one will have to go out and buy brand new whites.

    Cost of pinning is dependant on what you want. We wanted big to-do, so we worked for it. We are in a very urban school, and the school is not footing the bill for anything.

    Only 5 more weeks to go and we'll be pinning. Everyone is excited! :hatparty:
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse

    your class is really doing it "up", how cool!
  6. by   Headhurt
    The DJ is there to play the songs we walk in to, walk out to, filler music when we get pinned, and some other tunes.

    The real kicker is that we are having kareoke after the ceremony!