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For those of you who have registered already, etc. How much are you going to pay for your books? Are you allowed to buy used ones or do they all have to be new? The information that my school sent... Read More

  1. by   MidwifeWannaB
    My books last semester (my first in the program) cost just over $1000, but this semester I only have to buy 1, maybe 2, books and a couple of learning packets. I lucked out in that I bought the "required" book for Pharm last semester and, of course, we ended up not using it. I was gonna sell it, but couldn't find anyone to buy. Glad I didn't, though, cuz it turns out I'm gonna need it next semester. Go figure.

  2. by   redwinggirlie
    Get your books at or another similar site. You do not have to have brand new books....
    Now this doesn't apply to the basic nursing books, but there were a couple of additional classes in my program where we didn't even use the book. Check with students from previous semesters, they can direct you best. But by all means, take the time to look around on-line, on campus ANYWHERE but the bookstore first.
    (I was able to get a few from for way less, and even got one from a used bookstore near my house for an amazing $10.)
  3. by   FullMoonMadness
    Find someone who is taking the classes right now and see if they are going to sell their books back to the bookstore,then make them an offer. The bookstores don't pay much when you return a book.Maybe that will work out for both of you, I know I did this last semester and saved around 125.00.The girl that sold them to me came out ahead as well.
  4. by   rnnurse2be
    Some of the prob's we have is when they wont let us know what books are needed until school almost starts, by then its almost to late (or is to late) to purchase them online.

    Most of the nursing books (or so I am told by other exnursing students) are kept for future references you need when writing papers OR if you plan on getting your Masters you can use them as reference then.
  5. by   katgurl77
    I was just gonna post something about my books. great minds think alike.

    books for the first year $513
    I have the stack (13 books) upstairs in my study. I cannot fathom how we will ever need anywhere near that information. I needed help getting them out to my car (and I'm no wimp)

    I looked far and wide for discounted books, but my school gets a deal from the distrubuter ( 15%) I didn't find anywhere near as good prices (sometimes even used were expensive) soooo.... here I am, don't you feel nickle and dimed to death these days?

    However I feel a little better paying $500 for 13 nursing school books, when I paid over $100 for my paperback nutrition book last semester. The nerve....
  6. by   straba
    Actually the price for books in my BSN program weren't that bad at all. They charge you an arm and a leg to buy them, but at the end of the term I can sell them back for my limb of choice (i'm leaning towards the leg, personally). Sweet deal.
  7. by   RainbowzLPN
    My estimated cost for books for the whole year is $537. I've checked online at different places, & most of them are the same price, but some I found online were actually more expensive than what I'll be getting them for at school!