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Hello Guys! As Usual Its Nice To Post A Thread And Get Your Feedback. I Am In My Second Semester Of A&p And I Am Just Breezing Through. It Seems Like The Professors Aren't Challenging Enough. I... Read More

  1. by   KimSwanner
    I don't remember seeing where anyone mentioned this, but if they didn't then I'll say it. I'm in my FII semester so I know I haven't done all that much as compared to some other ppl but I do know one thing A&P is a HUGE part of your nursing school experience. I learned this BIG time a few weeks into my FI semester. We began to do our injections and had to know detailed descriptions of injections site, such as the vasogluteal, deltoid,....etc. Well I don't think I was as attentive to the bones as I should have been because I found myself time and time again and huge problems with things that I should have learned during A&P. Such as the illiac spine and greater trochanter. Without learning these sites it took me a little longer to catch onto the injection sites.
    Everyone also made great points about the body systems. When you are sitting in a lecture and the teacher mentions something it's nice to know it without having to look it up later after lecture. Thank goodness that besides the bones I learned thoroughly the rest of my A&PI and II.
    There's a reason they make us take it and you'll see it time and again throughout nursing school.
    Good luck and God Bless
  2. by   MISS_TCM
    Thank you for the reponses. You all have been very resourceful as usual. It's nice for a student to come and get good advice from great people.l I applaud you.
  3. by   MMARN
    Honestly, you will have to know a lot. It is so much better to know hand and foot the normal physiology of the different organs because once you know that, you can understand the concept of the diseases and how they affect a particular organ or organs. Therefore, I advice you and all of us as nursing students to really learn the normal physiology of the different organs. It helps, it really does.