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In our ADN program a little over half the class is failing. Is this normal how many people are failing in your school?... Read More

  1. by   Shenanigans
    In my first year there was about 70 - which are put into four groups. My group started with 19, by the end of the first term there were only 8 of us!! The other groups had different levels of drop out.

    Its a different kind of system in NZL in that there's more to just grades that knock peopel otu - some leave for family reasons et cetera.

    Anyway, even in my 3rd and final year there are peopel dropping out, usually at this point grades aren't the main cause, its the work load, although there are people in my class this term who are repeating.

    First year is where the biggest hit of drop outs caused by grades go due to the science being really hard and a lot of people come in thinking its just simple antomy stuff, its the people who haven't completed their secondary school education or who are a lot older that have the most problems.

    To be honest, Iv'e never been happier that my parents told me I had to do senior biology in secondary school and "you can't do art because its' not academic enough for you!!!"

    Parents really do know best!!:spin:
  2. by   treysdaddy08
    Our second year students spoke to us at orientation. They told us that (out of 30 students) last year only 5 passed the first test. 80 pecent is passing in our program and they do NOT round up. One girl was failing mid-qtr, and ended up passing with an 80.02!!! Just stick with it, do your best, and don't give up. It can be done!
  3. by   justme1972
    We are in week 6 of our first-year, and we have already lost two students that got frustrated and quit. One who was a second-attempt RN student.

    The class average has been failing on all of our exams, however, the exams have not be written unfairly. It is very obvious that too many students are trying to pass the classes off the PPP only and not reading the material.

    We are given the opportunity to review our exams, and so far, if I was honest, there was only one question that I disagreed with...the others that I have misses was from not reading the question properly or not studying enough.
  4. by   lizzyberry
    So in our class and practically every class a little more than half the class is failing. Is there really something wrong with these students or our program? After reading everyones response I see its not as bad as our school. What could be wrong with our school? I feel so sorry for my friend she cannot pass a test for the life of her. She keeps getting like 68% or 70% and passing is 78%. Im passing but what about the other students is it really that hard to pass nursing school. I feel that the instructors at our school are so busy that they don't really have time for us and I feel like we don't have time for them because anytime were in school its like there is no time to waste.
  5. by   chia24j
    We are in the fourth semester in the ADN program and still have 43 students. We only had 4 people to fail the entire time in the program. Our teachers are shocked because they said they usually only have about 20 to 25 students at this point and had a hard time with the clincial schedule because they were not expecting to have this many student in the fourth semester.
  6. by   southernbelle08
    I really have no idea as I don't ask grades and nobody has really said as far as this semester goes. We're in 3rd and have over 100 people still in the program. However, we lost about 40 after our first semester and around that many after our 2nd semester. So far this semester we had a couple not return after summer break, and we've had a couple more withdraw for whatever reason. We're still above 100 in our class though.
  7. by   vashtee
    I think a few of my classmates are in trouble academically, but we are losing more people to clinicals this semester.