how many of you are male

  1. just looking at the post, it seems like most of you are female. granted, nursing is dominated by females. i'm just curious how many of the people on the board are male. also what is your class ratio. we have 24 students in my program and 7 are male. please women, this was not meant to be sexist so don't take it that way!
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  3. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    I don't think THAT could be taken as sexist, but I've seen nothing turned into WW3 here too!
    7/24 is a really great ratio because here at my school there are 3 males total.........that's right three males between the LPN and RN programs.
    I'm not even in the program yet(this fall) and I can see clicks forming that exclude me at all costs. I try to enter conversations and I'm ignored or the subject changes. The women seem to be getting their competitive game-face on like they have something to prove to the males. They have formed study groups that I knew nothing about. I found that out when I tried to form one for the final. I of course, have not been invited to join any, nor would I ask. That's curiouse since I have a 4.0 and helped many of them when they needed it. I've been nothing but kind.

    The first thing I'm going to do when school starts in the fall is form a school sponsored study group. I don't expect it to be more than me and the other guy that's in the LPN program. That's no problem because I have a 4.0 and if it weren't for me some of those women never would have gotten through micro and API. I ran a study group to help them when I could have been studying. I thought it would build bridges that would show that we are all in the same boat.......................well, they seem to have thrown me overboard after I got done rowing them to safety:chuckle

    What I'm saying is, do expect them to ACT as if you're welcome, especially when they need a fat patient moved but we're just infringing on their storied tradition. Expect them to say "we need more men in nursing" and "I welcome men into the profession" blah,blah,blah........In reality we don't even have the right to pee standing up yet.

    Yes, I'm going to say are still not welcome in nursing.
    7/24 ratio?.........maybe it's a sign of things to come, but for now you will experience mostly silence..........that is unless you say something controversial.

    Anyway, welcome.................feel free to email me if the silence becomes unbearable.:stone
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  4. by   Zhakrin
    130 female students, 3 male including myself.

    Be very afraid!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   NurseDixie
    We have 50 students, 5 are male.
  6. by   kats
    I am just taking pre-requisites now, but in there are a couple of guys in my classes that are also getting ready to go into nursing programs. I am a female, but I think it is wonderful that a guy would choose nursing. Most people don't really think about how different the jobs of being a doctor and being a nurse are. Nurses have a lot more patient contact then doctors and to people who want to be nurses that is just more important than the higher paycheck and any prestige that comes with being a doctor. I think it is good that you all are standing up for what you believe and choosing what is best for you. I have even told the guys in my class that I think it is very good that men are starting to see nursing as an option and I am not just saying that to be politically correct. It is the same kind of thing that happened when women started wanting to be doctors. I think if women have that choice, then there is no reason why men shouldn't as well. I also promise you all that I will have no problems including men into my study group when I am in nursing school. I am sorry that you have been treated so poorly. There is no reason for that to happen. I hope you don't mind me adding my 2 cents to this discussion since I am not a guy, but it really annoys me when anyone is singled out based on what sex they are, what color their skin is, what they look like, or any other superficial reason. You have my best wishes for your futures.-Kimberly
  7. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Of course you are welcome...........That would be pretty retarded to exclude you if we were whining about exclusion!

    That's a great analogy about the female docs and I would love to come to your program or theirs for that matter. The other guy in my program better have a compatible schedule or it'll just be me and the instructor . At least she gets paid to be my friend..LOL!

    There will come a time when those students that I tutored will come to me away from the click to ask questions, but I'll have to exclude myself now and keep my distance. I plan to be an NP or a flight nurse so I'll work PRN while I'm in school anyway. I doubt if I'll ever form any LTR's, but it would be nice not to be socially isolated all year.

    Anyway, it's nice to see that my program may be the exception.
  8. by   StudentSandra
    We have 1 guy in first level (out of 24) 1 more will be joining up with us next semester (failed 3rd sem by 2pts) One guy graduating this year, we usually have 1 or 2 guys a year, but this is a very rural area.

    Guys, once you get into classes you will all become family, a nice big disfunctional family. :-) The class dynamics will change as time goes on. You will find those that just want your help with moving a large patient (we were warned in the begining not to do that to our lone guy) you will find those that just want to pick your brain, but remember, if it was a class full of guys the same thing would happen.

    I think one of the problems comes from the fact that "most" guys are not going into nursing to do bedside care, nursing school is just a stepping stone to CRNA, NP etc. There is nothing wrong with that, I know that I will be going into the OR and have no desire to work med/surg. I know that sometimes colors my outlook on clinicals and things I think I may not use later on.

    But anyway guys, good luck to you all.
  9. by   old-master
    Well, I am a 25 year old male, and the Nursing school at Weatherford College in Tx, is mainly women, Some 25 to 2 or 1.
    But that kewl, I like being a groundbreaker! And is nice to be a standout!
    old-master has spoken...
  10. by   biscuit_007
    When I was in LPN scholl i was the only male in a class of ladies. I never felt anymore out of the loop there than i would in a group of women in any other circumstance. I quickly became the comic relief, butt of all male jokes, big brother, big shoulder, patient puller, boyfriend, son, and surreget husband to all of the ladies in my class. I never felt out of place in a clinical environment but that might have been to to previous hospital experience. I got asked many questions and have no bad experiences to relate.
    My Rn experience was different since i went to a non-traditional program. When i did my clinical rotation there was two men there including myself out of seven RN candidates so it wasn't to bad at all.
  11. by   ryaninmtv
    In my LPN class it started out 39 women and 3 men. We graduated 26 women and 2 men. The kicker was, they refused to let us guys be lab partners. I went the non-traditional RN and didn't have any guys in my clinicals, just 5 women. Two of the women and yours truly passed. It was an experience.
  12. by   MHN
    when i trained back in the early 70's we had class of 36 total 12 males but only 6 males finished can't remember the number of girls the memory is failing with middle age
  13. by   dianacs
    A question for you guys who are being excluded by the women--is this happening only with the younger female students (18-22, say) or is it all across the board agewise? I'm wondering if such poor treatment is a function of immaturity or ignorance/stupidity or maybe even outdated ideas about gender roles. As for me, I don't care what you've got down there. I do care about what you've got up top in your head.
  14. by   HPlayBoyU
    I'm a male.....I'm one of two in a class of 42 females............