How many of you have failed a course? Please let me know I'm not alone.

  1. Really struggling with chem and failing at this point (my school allows me to take certain prereqs in addition to the nursing fundamentals) and I've decided to withdraw and focus on my other classes.

    I'm not alone, am I? I can't help but think that because I'm failing this one class, even though I got straight As in all my others so far, I'm not going to make it and won't be a nurse. My mind is going to super dark places and really needing some encouragement tonight.
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  3. by   Neo Soldier
    Hey, no you're not alone.
    You're at the right place and your story is totally relatable. This is not indicative of your future performance as a nurse, trust me if that were the case, there will be virtually no nurses. This could just be a learning experience for you. Now you know what to expect. YouTube has been my saving grace at times, Google as well. If you haven't tried, tutoring is also a great idea.
    Also, as crazy as this may sound, take breaks. If possible, have one day where you're not doing anything nursing or school related.
    If you ever need to talk, you can private message. Whatever works.
    In the words of every nursing student that ever lived, "you got this!"
  4. by   BeccaLove0
    I had to retake Chemisty after failing and did good the second go round! Also have great grades in other courses.. Chemistry is a beast! You got this!