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Hey guys, I am doing a paper on the Nursing Shortage and I want to get a feel for how competitive the programs are across the country. Could you tell me how many applicants you were/are competing... Read More

  1. by   smk1
    No wait lists for us. There is one school south of us that puts everyone with all of their prereqs complete at 3.0 or higher GPA into a hat and literally pulls like a lottery for their seats. People who have no chance of getting in anywhere else try there so their numbers are something like 1000 people for 100 seats. Sad situation.
  2. by   manofbess
    I read in a school newsletter that over 800 people applied for 150 available seats in the Spring 2007 entering class, 70 of those seats being nursing, so I'm not sure how many people specifically applied for nursing.
  3. by   tigress_8207
    Wow and i thought i had competition.We have 300 applicants for 90 spots.
  4. by   prinsessa
    From what I have heard, the school I am applying to has 1000 applicants for less than 100 spots. Lets just hope I get in :uhoh21:
  5. by   Roxy5558
    In-district 133 for 68 spots
    Out-of-district 174 for 22 spots
    About 60 people were disqualified immediately for not including transcripts/or appropriate residency documentation with their applications.
  6. by   collegebound
    I have heard 150-200 for 40 spots at my CC in Texas.
  7. by   ikatiana21
    I dont know about how many seats were open. But one college I applied to, it was RIDICULOUSLY easy to get into. I applied to Barnes College of Nursing in Oct of 05' and the said I couldnt start until Fall of 07. So around April I decided to apply a few other places. I applied at Chamberlain College of Nursing (formerly Deaconess) on a Monday afternoon. They called me Tues morning and told me I could start in July. It was INSANE, of course I was thrilled, then I found out the price; 45 grand a year. NO WAY JOSE. I ended up a Barnes and am happy with the choice. I hope that helped a little bit, even if there are no numbers.
  8. by   HididiScribbler
    500 applicants for 50 spots (it's a CC in California).
    Apparently the competition is getting harder and harder...