How in debt were you after Nursing school? - page 3

I'm trying to figure out how much debt I'll accumulate after completing my BSN. If my calculations are right it will be somewhere round $51 000 ! :/ How in debt were you?... Read More

  1. by   rnKato
    @MangoMonkey -- your post intrigued me about deferring loans to the gov until you make $55,000.... Can you tell me how you did that? I will be graduating in May.
  2. by   HouTx
    (thread jack) Obviously, nursing students are a brainy, hard working and creative bunch of people!!! Kudos to all who have managed to achieve their educational goals with minimal or no debt. Huge accomplishment!!! (end thread jack)
  3. by   nurselen96
    This makes me feel sooooo much better as a student who just graduated with about 80k. Any tips on how to pay it off?