How do you prioritize?

  1. I have many things on my "to do" list! I have to study for an exam which is a week from Monday, finish my reading for this Monday's lecture (which is also info that will be on the exam), study for my Medical Terminology class (which is online and go-at-my-own-pace, and I'm currently ahead but hoping to finish early), work on a paper that is due Wednesday, work on some online lab modules, which should be done Monday, and work on drug cards, which honestly I don't know when they're due, but I would think I should have them done by Friday when I start clinicals.

    So. You don't have to prioritize my stuff for me, but I was wondering - if you have a LOT to do, do you just do it in order of when it's due and one thing at a time? For me I get so bored just reading that I will usually read for 30 min and then move on to something else. But I wonder if this is the most expedient method. I also worry about studying the material I've already been over (from the last lecture) because it will be on the exam, so it's still important.

    What's your method?

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  3. by   Ladypie
    For me, I tend to do the easiest and quickest things first so I can scratch them off my list and feel like I am getting something accomplished. It keeps me motivated and feeling positive. I do the same thing when cleaning the house- I start with the cleanest room because it will take the least time and effort, and then I can feel like I am making headway.

    From your list, I think I would do the reading for Monday's lecture first, although you did not say how much reading that is.

    Next the online modules, then the paper that is due Wednesday.

    Drug cards next, and medical terminology last.

    That's just how I think I would do it, but if the drug cards might only take a short amount of time, I might knock those out sooner just to scratch it off the list and make myself feel good.

    I tend to study for exams a little along the way and then do some power studying the 2 days before the exam.

    Good luck in finding your groove!
  4. by   Sabby_NC
    I am sure you will learn prioritization pretty quickly.
    I always tackle the larger things first and finish off with the whiz bang quick things.
    It does come as you learn more and find out what is the most important or pressing need to accomplish first.
    Hang in there and all the very best.
  5. by   Daytonite
    i also consider the severity of the consequences for the things that don't get accomplished. some of the consequences i can live with, some i can't. so, that also has a big impact on order of priority for me.
  6. by   Jamie2887
    Im with daytonite, our first 2 nursing exams were tuesday and wednesday, in fundamentals and health assessment, the fundamentals was worth 15% of our grade since its a full semester class, health assessment was 25% of our grade being a half semester, so I studied for 4 days of cramming for assessment, and 1 night for fundamentals, and what do you know....I score 10 points higher on the fundamentals, So thats a 78 and 88 for my first 2 exams in nursing! I'm feeling pretty good now, its great to get the first tests out of the way and no ones ahead, I'm feeling like "I will do this!" "I can do this!" Good luck on getting all that done, sounds like a handful, but just remember dori's quote from finding nemo "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming."
  7. by   MB37
    I alternate. I too get bored easily, and some assignments seem like more "fun" or less work than others. They become my rewards for slogging through the reading. I read a chapter (or a certain number of pages) and then I'll go do something online - module, discussion board, etc. Or I'll read a journal article for a paper I need to write between each chapter. Also, I don't look more than about a week ahead - it gets too overwhelming.