How do you deal...

  1. with know-it-all students in your class? I have one in my class and she drives me absolutely crazy! Every time someone asks an instructor a question she has to chime in with an answer (and half of the time her answers are wrong!) She constantly over talks the instructors during their lecture and it confuses everyone b/c what she says contradicts what the teacher is saying. She swears up and down she knows everything about the topic we're discussing and she's extremely bossy. When we're in clinicals she's constantly telling everybody what to do and how to do it and a lot of times what she says is not even correct. I really do enjoy nursing school despite all the added stress but she is really starting to bring me down and this is only our 1st year! How do you all deal w/ know-it-all students?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    We had more than one of this type. They wasted a lot of valuable class time, which I found more and more annoying, since I was working more than full time and commuted further than most of the others. I learned to cope with their frequent "time outs" by going over my notes to make sure I had everything down the way I wanted and I also started to get some good day dreaming time in. Yes, I mean that. I would day dream or think about how bad my commute was going to be while they were wasting my class time.
  4. by   Daytonite
    It is up the instructors to keep order in their class. The problem here is with the instructors, not necessarily the student. You should be complaining to the instructors and if they are not responsive to the problem, to the persons who supervise them.
  5. by   WDWpixieRN
    We have a couple of who's always "on" and is talking ahead of the instructor or butting in with her "witty-isms"....another who constantly talks about the current topic and how it relates to her friends, family, or herself...we're in our second semester and I wouldn't be surprised if someone doesn't just start throwing things at her....I've noticed one or two of our new instructors this semester seems to be getting a bit annoyed with her also...

    I agree...this is something your instructors should be handling, and if they're not, perhaps someone needs to point it out to her....

    As for clinicals, I just try to be nice, but don't really pay attention when someone else tries to tell me what to do....bottom line -- it's my patient, my charting, MY responsibility....I'll ask the instructor if I need guidance...I just nod politely and walk away...
  6. by   shellsgogreen
    there will probably always be one or two of these people in your classes, and they truthfully used to annoy the heck outta me.
    i agree that it is the instructors responsibility if the class is going wayward and in a direction that is not constructive to learning.
    i'm curious though, how is your instructor responding to this student?