How do you know what year you are in school if.....

  1. you already have a BS??? This is kind of a stupid question.... and one that really doesn't matter much but....

    I have my Bachelors degree and I'm starting my pre-reqs this fall... so am I a Freshman all over again or would I say I'm just a pre-nursing student.....

    What about when I actually start nursing school... will I be a junior at that point??

    Thanks to anyone who can clarify... it's just one of those dumb things that has been bothering me....
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  3. by   LanaBanana
    Good question! I have 130+ hours, but only 2 associates and am still at the community college, where they technically only have freshman and sophomores! I would say you are a pre-nursing student and that's enough. I think a lot of colleges clarify things like this - by hours, you are a senior, but when you actually get into the nursing program you will be considered maybe a sophomore or junior (depending on the program.) Does that make any sense?
  4. by   heatherp
    When I was taking pre-reqs, I was a "re-entry" student. I am now starting a BSN program in the fall (only just over a week from now!!!). We are all called sophmores (even though ALL of us are Juniors credit wise). It is a 3 year program, so they just stick us with the sophmore title. As I saw one of my classmates say "I've been demoted." LOL I guess I am called a second bachelors sophmore nursing student.
  5. by   WDWpixieRN
    What's interesting about your question is I was asked my "level" when I filled out a loan app recently....none of the suggestions above fit....I didn't know where I fell, and I honestly don't remember what I filled out, but I hope it wasn't an illegal answer!!!
  6. by   MaleRNstudent21
    Oh how I hate when people ask so what are you? Are you a freshman,sophomore,junior of senior. I also hate when people who aren't in NS ask so when are you graduating? No one really understands but other NS students. As far as my program and alot of programs I have taken classes which are considered senior classes. The reason I have taken these are because they aren't nursing courses. At my insitution they allow you take take any classes before NS as long as they aren't clinicals and nursing courses like Mental Health, Nursing of Children,ect. So I have taken pysch,principles of Nurtrition and a couple others that are in different cats(freshman,sophomore,ect.) When people ask me when I will graduate. I basically tell them I really don't know. It really all depends on me and how quick I can go through and how heavy I want my course load while trying to keep a high GPA. As we all know this can be hard to take 4 courses a semester and be full time while trying to work and do other things. You really cant say what you are until you are getting close to being done with NS. My school has the classes listed and have 1,2nd,3rd,and 4th semester listed with different classes. So as the courses get smaller you will be able to tell what cat you are in. OH how I hate how NS is set up,lol.
  7. by   maliat
    Well when I was just taking pre-reqs, I had to enroll as an unclassified graduate student. That was fine at the community college level, but it was horrible at the local university. I had to pay extra and was one of the last allowed to register. Now I'm admitted for my second bachelors. We officially start as juniors, but since I only have 3 credits at the university, I'm considered a freshman during registration. So I always just said I was taking pre-nursing classes, and now I just say I'm starting my first year of nursing school.

  8. by   don't quit
    Did not know what I was until I recieved my senior pin during the third semester of a part time LPN program. I was considered a sophomore during pre-recs.