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  1. Hi Everyone!!!

    I'm just a little curious...I'm currently working on my prerequisites now but will be applying to an ADN program next semester. My question is this...How do you deal with all the nay sayers and the people who tell you you'll hate being a nurse? do you feel about current nurses who berate the field? Does this kind of reaction make you at all uneasy about the decision you made?

    Here's what I figure...I really believe that I'll love nursing. I'm sure there are aspect that i'll not like or even hate...but you have that with any job. I'm afraid...I'm afraid because I might be making the wrong decision and nursing won't be what I thought it was. But I'm more afraid that I won't find out for myself! If i continue to believe that I'll love nursing and never do anything about it, I'll always wonder what if...?. That in my book is far worse than being wrong. I'm wrong about a lot of what's one more? And here's the true beauty...What if I'm right?

    These little affirmation are more for myself but I just thougt I'd share them in case anyone else was feeling the same way. And if you are, how do you deal with it?

    Thanks for Listening!!!

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  3. by   Katnip
    I've worked in other industries, as have several of my fellow students. As I've said before, you get bad hours, bad pay, and bad management in any industry. Do what you love to do, not what others think you should do.

    The good thing about nursing is that few other industries have their own BBs to vent their frustrations.
  4. by   StudentSandra
    my feeling is you should go with your heart, if you feel nursing is what you want then do it. the only person that can live your life is you.

    as already mentioned, all fields have good & bad coworkers, all have their ups & downs, but the thing about nursing is that there are dozens of things you can do as a nurse.

    say down the line you don't like med/surg, well transfer the er or the or. you can work in a drs office or do home health, the options are endless. tired of patients, there are many paperwork jobs, mds, drug rep, etc.

    if this is what you truely desire and you don't do it, in 5, 10 maybe 20 years you will always wonder, what if?
  5. by   KITTYLADY
    that is the key.... WHY do you want to become a RN?? $$?? --- or do you FIND GREAT PERSONAL REWARD in making a difference in someone's life ---

    For example: wiping butt - isn't "just for CNA's" - does the idea of poop make you squeemish -- OR are you able to focus on the person you are MAKING FEEL MUCH BETTER (the pt) --- does this make sense to anyone??

    A job is a job is a job --- I don't want to and WILL NOT spend 40+ hours a week, which is 1/3 of my life, doing a job that I don't find personally stimulating, rewarding and that doesn't challenge me.

    I used to do accounting - talk about a NON REWARDING job!! Financially - it was rewarding --- BUT what GOOD IS MONEY (financial reward) WHEN 1/3 of your life (40+ hrs a week) is SHEER misery??

    To have a good life - or a great life - I believe in doing a job that might not be "pretty" on the outside, but makes me feel very PERSONALLY rewarded on the inside...
  6. by   Hooligan
    This is EXACTLY how I feel. I don't sleep any better at night knowing that I was able to answer the phones a work or process yet another membership!! Thanks!!!!

  7. by   marieoct62
    I say go with your heart and don't listen to the negative comments. There are probably alot of nurses that gripe about their jobs but are they doing anything to better themselves or change positions. Yes there is a big burn out rate as a med surg nurse but that is not the only area of nursing. While you are in the ADN program keep your eyes open and feel out where you think you would like to work. I am in a BSN program and when I first started thought I would be a floor nurse but now with 3 semesters left to go I am thinking about OR nursing. At our hospital there are no evenings, every third weekend you work a saturday and the pay rate is the highest of the hospital. You will find out where you are supposed to be if you listen to your heart. Good luck
  8. by   Rainagrey
    I'm in an ADN program at a local community college. Both my parents are nurses, which obviously had a big impact on my career choice. My parents have been RNs now for approx. 22 years apiece, and they still love what they do. When I stress out about RNs I work with who tell me to quit nursing school, my parents both say:
    1. "Listen, would we let you go into a profession where we think you'd be abused or unhappy? You gotta shop around and take good care of yourself." I try to keep that in mind.
    2. Another thing is that nursing is flexible. If you don't like a department/floor/hospital/etc you're working for, my plan is to leave! If you don't dig what you're doing, try another specialty, no?
    3. Nursing's portability as a profession, not to mention the demand what with the shortage is also one of the best "fallbacks" that I could come up with. Don't like nursing and wanna do something else? Work as an RN while you get your act together to go do whatever it is you wanna do.

    There you go. That's my pep talk when my fellow students are in tears and what I use to convince myself when I've just had it with my nursing instructors. Lemme know what you think of my logic (particularly if it's flawed!). Sorry this is like the hugest post ever too, lol.
  9. by   Whisper
    Rainagray, Thanks for the prep talk, it was just what I needed. It was great to hear how you cope, and it has given me something to fall back on! A quater of my course has quit after the first semester of the frist year, I have had a LOL break my finger, and on the same shift, a RGN told me I was stupid for ever considering nurses, her exact words where :
    "why climb on a sinking ship when everyone else is leaving?"
    Great words of encouragement huh? But I have had a lot of helpfull conversations with Nurses who do care and want to help students suceed. After all I've made it this far, and they'll have to throw me off the course kicking and screaming!!

    And also (sorry to rant) most of the bitter, student bashing nurses are the kind where you wonder how on earth they qualified at all, certainly not the kind you would want help from if you were ill!
  10. by   Hooligan
    Thanks to everyone who posted!!!
  11. by   rosemadder
    From personal observation--the great nurses love their jobs, the not so great nurses hate their jobs. Not always the seems to me the ones who are in it because they actually want and enjoy helping others are happy people!!! And the ones who are in it for who knows what reason...and don't actually like people or helping them are miserable and ready to share the misery. Just like in any profession--it is what you make of it!!! Just my 2cents worth of opinion (if worth that).
  12. by   Brown Suga
    I am currently in an ADN nursing program and I work at a local hospital as a CNA. The nursing I interact with at work are very encouraging about me furthering a career in nursing. On the other hand, the nursing I met through my clinical experience kept asking me why do I want to go into nursing. I say that I enjoy helping and caring for people. When I return the question to them, there reply is I known I will always have a job. I personally want to get ahead in nursing to get rid of those nurses who known they will always have a job, because patients can sense when the nurse is only there for the paycheck and because they want to be there.