How are your classes set up?

  1. I have nursing classes on Mon, Tues and Weds and they are all seminar style. Mon is Fundamentals, Tues is assessment and wed is skills lab until we go to the hospitals. I've noticed that we go over a TON of stuff in each class really fast and then NEVER TALK ABOUT IT AGAIN. "Movin' on kiddos...." I am just so used to the twice-a-week class and review on topics. It just seems there is way too much information to give us and they're rushing us through the program. This way they can say they've gone over everything with us.

    Is this how everybody's classes are set up? I really worry about my retention. Any tips/tricks some of you vets can give? Okay, I'm not worried. I am TOTALLY TERRIFIED!


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  3. by   Rena RN 2003

    in, out, in, out........ :chuckle

    now, i know it seems like a rush. but think of it this way, if classes were gone over and over, it would take 4 years to finish a 2 year degree.

    you will be surprised at how much you retain. nursing builds. i look back at each quarter and wonder if i learned anything. and then the next quarter comes around and i will find myself in a situation where certain knowledge is needed. then i'm surprised that i actually do remember what to do.
  4. by   subec
    My classes are kind of set up like seminars. Each class only meets once a week, but each class builds on the other.

    Mon Pharmacology, and Fundamentals lecture and lab
    Tues Pathophysiology and Concepts
    Wed Clinicals
    Thur free day (Woohoo)
    Fri Assessment lecture and lab

    Not everyone has this same schedule because the fundamentals lab and clinical days vary.

    I am worried about retaining the information, but so far the teachers seem to relate their information back to what we learned in a another class.

    Good luck to you.
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    not all have the same schedule in my program either.

    fundamentals of nursing (8a-12p)

    fundamentals lab/clinical (8a-11a)
    basic pharmacology/lab (12p-3p)
    health assessment/lab (4p-7p)
    cis (7:30p-8:45p)

    fundamentals lab/clinical (8a-11a)
    orientation (11a-12p)

    cis (7:30p-8:45p)

    i don't have any classes yippeeeee!!
  6. by   Brown Suga
    I took a pharmacology class at the beginning of the summer. I schedule is this Mon and Tues clinicals from 9a-8p then Wed lecture 9a-12p, Thur no classes, and Fri lecture/lab 8a-12p. My instructors seem to be long winded because she takes up the whole class to read the powerpoint sildes that we are all issued a copy of. Maybe she is covering the material so we can't say she didn't go over it who knows. I have got to think of new ways to keep myself awake during lecture.
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    ". i have got to think of new ways to keep myself awake during "

    brown suga, do i ever know what you mean. on tuesdays, i start to get tired and sleepy around, 5p or 5:30p, during my 4p-7p pharmacology class. after i get to my cis class, i get the same felling around 8p. i was so glad to get home tonight! now, i am awake and will read a little before going to sleep.
  8. by   cawsn
    Try and relax and go w/ the flow. It's going to be different than any other type of class you have ever had.
    Tons and tons of reading. Basically, for my classes the most critical thing is to ALWAYS keep up with the reading . There is tons and tons. Don't let yourself get behind in that area.There is noe waiting till the last minute with Nursing. the best advice I can think of is to make sure that you set aside a certain amount of time( EVERY SINGLE DAY ) to read your assigned chapters and review class notes.I repeat DON"T LET IT PILE UP!!!!

    You're gonna do Great!!!
  9. by   kimmicoobug
    For the RN year, the curriculum is set up Monday-theory, Tuesday and Wednesday-clinicals (or Monday and Tuesday nights-depending on scheduling), Thursday and Friday-theory. Classes usually start around 8:30-9:00 and end around noon. Clinical is a 7-3 shift.
    My LPN year consisted of Theory mon-wed and clinicals every other Thurs and Fri and on the alternate weeks, we had lab.
    I like this setup, but I wished that I had more hospital clinicals my first year.
  10. by   babynursewannab
    Thank you, all. I guess it helps to hear that we retain it even if we don't feel like we have.

    Am I going to feel like I do right now, physically, for the next 2 years?
  11. by   peaceful2100
    BABY nurse my classes have been the same way. We go through so much, so quick and NEVER see that section again. Like Last thursday and today was the only content on the Endocrine system we will ever get as far as nursing managment and we will NEVER see it again. Just a week and a half ago we had Cardiovascular nursing management and I felt they left out a LOT. Like we did not talk about shock, hypertension or heart failure nursing management and a few other things. They give us a taste of everything and I feel like there is going to be a LOT of stuff on the Nclex that they did not even talk about in school or give reading assignments over. That is really scary.

    I have made it, you will make it and so will anyone else who works hard and believes they can do it.