hospitals not hiring students?

  1. Has anyone had any trouble finding a job in a hospital while a student?
    I am having a terrible time. I have been employed with a local hospital for two months now, and it was an act of congress to get here. Unfortunately, the department I am in is horrible(long story) I have tried transferring...which is against hospital policy. You cannot legally transfer until 6mts-one year after employment. But, my super has given me the okay. I have put out 8 (patient care related) transfers and went on two interviews and
    A: No one returns my calls
    B. I am perfect candidate but I will be attending school...and they need full timers. (30 hours is not enough for them)

    When I mention nursing school it is like they wig-out and bar me from employment. They already assume I am going to quit. Grrrr. Keep in mind...I have a degree already so my responsiblity will be nursing classes only. Which is a load I understand, but it seems hospitals would want to attract students.
    I resigned...I could never get a transfer I only got a runaround. I guess it is back to waiting tables.
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  3. by   researchrabbit
    I graduated in KS two years ago and at least half the people in my class were employed at hospitals after their first semester (the hospitals had the great idea that if you get 'em before graduation maybe you'll get to keep 'em).

    If you can't get a hospital to hire you, how about a long term care center?
  4. by   shabookitty
    I live in a small town, and I have been told that transferring is all in who you know...and senoirity gets first dibbs.
    Unfortunately, this local hospital has a monopoly on every health facility in this surrounding area!
    There are a few LTC's that are not affiliated, but I am not a CNA... and I have two months before I am an official student.

    What do you all think about state hopitals...? Can anyone give me any info? Do you have to be CNA certified?
  5. by   Ortho_RN
    I actually had no problem.. Both of our hospitals are begging for students.. They love having them... So after we finish our first semester it is almost a guaranteed position as a PCA (Patient Care Assistant)... And the pay is great... $9-13/hr

    Don't give up, I am sure you will find a good job..
  6. by   StudentSandra
    Can you wait to work until after your first semester is complete? Around here they come to the school begging for students. There are 4 hospital about 40-45 minutes from us, now the local podunk place, they don't care one way or another, they know their will always be people that don't want to drive even if the pay is better farther away.
  7. by   shabookitty
    I am going to talk to HR tomorrow. I have already turned in my resignation to my immediate Supervisor...but Monday I am taking one to HR and have a little sit with them I am hoping they will have me back after the first semester of school.

    But, it is written that if you resign before a 6mt period, you are not re-eligible for hire for another 3 years.

    I will tried to get this clarified by HR on Monday.
  8. by   Ortho_RN
    Why are you quitting exactly??
  9. by   shabookitty
    Long story...made short. The job that I am in (Laboratory) is not what I thought it would be...I (alone) do 5am sticks in nursing homes. The number of sticks are overwhelming. I want to give more patient care.
  10. by   studentOH
    I had a hell of a time--finally gave up when I accidentally found my current job. I'm not messing with it until I get close to actual nursing classes (I'll be unable to work my current shift). My current job is EASY and pays a ridiculous salary for what I do. I'll be keeping it until next fall...then off the the job apps!! Good luck!!