Hospital charts--who can see them?

  1. I know we can look at our patients chart and of course the docs and nurses can. What about family? Can a patient's family member look at the chart? Anybody know?
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  3. by   baseline
    Only if the patient gives consent.
  4. by   jemb
    I've never heard of a situation in which a family member has been given access to the patient's chart (unless, of course, the family member happens to be the doctor, nurse, or other health care provider involved in the patient's care). A patient or legal representative can obtain a copy of the chart, and then they can allow whomever they wish to see it. But no place I have ever worked, or even heard of, would allow anyone other than the staff involved in the patient's care (or JCAHO during a survey) to have access to the chart!
  5. by   Wolfbeareagle
    Working as a unit secretary, we are told that family members are not allowed to look at a patients chart. They can be told details about the patients condition only if they are immediate family and the patient has given permission (noted in the chart). Sometimes, if the family member happens to be a dr. nurse, etc...these "rules" are overlooked, but it is like Jemb said, no one should be looking at that chart that isn't directly involved in patient care. If this is an issue perhaps you could take it to your charge nurse. I have went to mine with this issue and she handled it superbly.