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  1. Hi all!

    I am a brand new user and have been reading up on the Hondros blogs. I am scheduled to start Oct 4,2010 in West Chester to the LPN program. I am getting a little nervous about the things I have been reading about the "resistance" or "rigidity" some people have been having with the Hondros staff. Accordingly, I have been having issues with the competancy off admissions and their follow through skills and reluctance to answer direct questions and work with me on basic needs like limited uniform sizing. However, I have a friend there set to graduate this fall from the RN program and he loves it.

    My family doctor's nurse went to Butler Tech and she loved it there. It is considerably less expensive, about $5,000 less for LPN and a whopping $10,000 less for RN. I scored extremely high on my HESI entrance exam for Hondros, so the work doesn't scare me as much as the "rigidity" of the staff and or the teachers to teach, answer questions and resolve issues. I am 39 years old and starting over. Even though I have been unemployed for two years, I don't qualify for financial aid or even an unsubsidized loan. So I am paying cash for this and WILL expect basic cooperation from my teachers and staff for what I am expected to pay. I have a meeting set up with a Butler Tech counselor on Tuesday the 23rd to compare apples to apples.

    Anyone here have comments on either one? I am getting down to the wire and need to make a decison by 9/17.

    Sorry for the long rant.
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  3. by   proudmommyof1
    I am a second quarter student at Hondros. I absolutely love the school. There have been a few complaints about the teachers, but these are also from students that are failing and seem to not know how to show up for class. In my opinion, all of the teachers I have had so far have been great. They teach thoroughly, answer questions to the best of their ability, and have office hours about every day where you can come with them to go over a test or help with an area you are having trouble with. The only problem I have had is with admissions. They didn't tell me that I had the wrong CPR class until two months into the program, then informed me that I had to have the appropriate class done that very weekend or I could not continue with clinicals. Other than that my experience has been great. I have heard Butler Tech is very long days and is 5 ddays a week. Hondros schedules vary but when it is a 5 day week, it is not all day. I believe bc of this Hondros requires more independant study, but the instructors power points set you up well for the tests. Good luck in whichever school you choose!
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    Thanks for replying to my post! I was wondering if anyone was ever going to read it. I did decide to go ahead with Hondros and my orientation is this Friday and I am very excited.

    I decided not to let my poor admissions experience get me down, but I can't believe those people are the first contact a new student or potential student has with the school. Some of them are definately a turn-off.

    What I found out about Butler Tech is that their RN program is new this year and they have one annual enrollment in Oct. I would not be able to complete the LPN before next Oct and would have to wait another year to enroll. Also, it is only a diploma program and not an associates degree program so I feel that this justifies the difference in price and if all goes well with my LPN program at Hondros I will continue with my RN program there also.

    On another note, I hear Hondros is working toward getting Miami University to accept Hondors credits for a BA degree in nursing. Have you heard anything about that?
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    Hi Harley and Proud.

    I'm a fairly new student at Hondros. Regarding admissions...I really didn't have to much trouble getting in. I attended two information sessions before making up my mind lol. On the Hesi first time around I didn't pass the math portion, but when I re-took it I did WAY better. I think my nerves go the best of me the first time. After that, I attended the financial aid thing in Mason went well. The only problem I did have with admissions was they lost my HS transcripts. I just went to my school and then delivered them same day personally. Everything was kosher after that. As far as teachers "rigidity" I didn't really have a problem with any of them. Maybe the students had a personality clash or something. I won't go accusing people of skipping or being lazy etc. I can't say anything about Butler Tech, I didn't check them out because they were why too much a drive for me. I also don't know how much accreditation they have. Hondros has some, and has a few articulation agreements in place. I also know they are working on the NLNAC accred for the RN. Don't get disheartened if you end up having to repeat a class. Please don't. Nursing school is hard and takes a lot of studying time. Also if you have been out of school a while it may take some time to find your best studying habits and getting your schedule organized. I won't be attending Hondros next term, but that has nothing to do with the school. My hubby got a good job offer in Chicago so we are moving there, I am transferring to another nursing program there. By the way, you will LOVE clinicals. I took mine in Hamilton and even though it was like 1 1/5 drive from where I live (Hondros was like a 30 min drive but I loved the school), my clinical instructor was the sweetest and coolest gal ever! And the patients were just wonderful, and so was the staff. Also I got to spend a day with the restorative nurse, the wound nurse, and MDS nurse, so you learn about all aspects of the nursing home. In my opinion Hondros would be worth every penny if you really have the drive and passion for nursing
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    Thanks so much for your response. I went to orientation last week and I have to say, they instructors that spoke seemed really awesome. I have really only had issues with a few admissions people so I am remaining optimistic that all will go smoothly. I start Oct 4, 2010 and I am really pumped and ready to get started.

    Thanks again and good luck in Chicago.
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    Hi All!
    I will be starting @ the Westerville campus on Oct 4th as well & have orientation this coming Tuesday! So far my experiences have been wonderful! Good Luck to everyone & stay focused!!
  8. by   happy2learn
    Hope you're aware Hondros NCLEX pass rate in Ohio is 70%. It's the second worst. The worst is Galen.

    So prepare to have a need to spend tons of time studying for the NCLEX because it seems the school does not prepare the students enough to pass.
  9. by   HarleySue
    Where are you getting your pass rate info. As of last year I have:

    97% NCLEX pass rate
    80.3% Student retention
    84% Job placement
  10. by   happy2learn
    Quote from HarleySue
    Where are you getting your pass rate info. As of last year I have:

    97% NCLEX pass rate
    80.3% Student retention
    84% Job placement
    I got my information from the Ohio Board of Nursing and these are 2010 statistics. Where did you get yours?

    Last quarter in 2010 pass rate was 70.37%. Total for 2010 was 81.36%.

    The last quarter in 2009 was a 90%, but the YTD in 2009 was 80%. Which is still the 2nd worst in this area (Galen is beyond worse.)

    I'm not saying don't go there (I would be saying this if it were Galen, lol). I'm just saying make sure you spend outside time preparing for the NCLEX because either they don't teach enough to prepare you, or many of their students don't study enough for it.

    Also, you might have gotten more responses if this was posted in the Ohio Nursing Programs discussion forum. There is actually a large thread about Hondros, so you might get some helpful information from there.

    Hondros College of Nursing - Input?????? - Page 15- Nursing for Nurses

    I have a relative at Hondros in Cincy and she hates it. She went to Butler Tech for her LPN and enjoyed the program. They didn't have the RN program at that time, and the closest option to her to get in without a wait was Hondros (she doesn't want a BSN.)