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Hi! I'm from the Philadelphia/South Jersey area and I'm brand new as of today to this board. Here's my story: I am 33 years old, happily married with a 2 year old beautiful little girl and I just... Read More

  1. by   Rhoresmith
    You started with such a difficult class, but I am 42 and started classes on Jan 13 (Spring semister) with 17 crdt hours Biology, Speech (required) English Into to Psyc and an Algerbra class. I have all my grades excpt Psyc and that one I started later as an open learning class and I have an A in Bio A in Math,English and from what I have so far Psyc have a B in Speech which I am not happy about but I took some really tough classes and haven't been to school for 25 years have a 16 year old that has severe disabling Migraines and a 12 yo boy who is very active. My husbands job has required him to learn 2 more jobs and he is working 6-7 12 hour days this has been going on for months.If you read some of the old messages many have made it through with illnesses, death etc. This long long post is to let you know YOU can do it if you WANT it bad enough and WORK hard hard hard...... So good luck and let us know what you decide

  2. by   fnimat1
    Hi Juliababy,
    Yes, A & P can do that to you....but just knock it out....lol. We are all going to come across some tough courses....just study, study, study.....keep yourself ahead. When I took A & P 2 I also took Chemistry 101....so as you can imagine...I was pulling my hair out....also doubting myself....but I kept going....I want to be a nurse.....a nurse....a nurse.... . Just perservere.....you can do it....I know you can!!!

    "Future R.N."
  3. by   Rhoresmith
    Didn't mean for my post to sound mean, after reading it again felt it came across that way..... So sorry!!! Just wanted you to know that while it is not easy it can be done

  4. by   peaceful2100
    Julia, If I can do it then ANYONE can do it if they believe. I am a 23 year old single mom of a VERY active 5 and a half year old sometimes I question if she has ADHD or not. I am graduating this Sunday with my BSN. A&P was honestly my hardest class (besides Math). The nursing classes came much easier for me because I am graduating with class honors.

    I know of this girl who is also graduating who is a single mom of a 3 year old and and a 5 year old and she has at the top of the class with one of the highest GPA's a 3.9 GPA. She plans to become a CRNA.

    If you really want this you can do this. Keep telling yourself that.
  5. by   hael171972
    hi julia!!..

    i'm new here too...i'm from the philippines...an RN and doing echocardiography here in la union...i'm 30 years old and have two sons---6 and 3...

    sorry but i dont know what's A & P....

    if u know in ur heart what u want..and u have ur kids there to be ur inspiration..success is along ur way...

    good luck and god bless!!