Hey Graduates, what did you get???

  1. Hello All! I am just curious, since so many of us are graduating at this time, What kind of presents did you get???
    I suppose money is always good, but did anyone get anything unique or special? Any Nursing gadgets or gizmos?
    I was hoping for a PDA, but probably won't get it.
    I also saw a stethoscope that can record heart sounds and has a built in amplifier.
    I would also gladly accept 2 tickets to Aruba....... Jewelry is always nice too.

    If you are like me, not graduating until the 17th, and you know darn well that you can't afford any big presents, what is on your wish list??

    Come on, tell us!

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  3. by   Rena RN 2003
    my all time dream present that i would faint at the sight of?

    a new harley davidson motorcycle. i've jokingly asked for this since i've been in this rat-race. keep telling hubby that i'll kick him out if i don't get one. :chuckle

    so far, he has paid for all of my fees related to graduation and license and nclex.

    my mother wanted to buy me a new uniform and shoes for graduation so i would "look nice." so i asked her if i've looked crappy all along. :lol

    my kids have given me peace. they've been a little less demanding because they sense that even though mom is almost done, she still has a lot going on and needs some peace and quiet.
  4. by   busybeaver
    My graduation is a long way off, but my boyfriend has already promised to take me to vegas or on a cruise!! I can't wait, he sure knows how to motivate me though!!
  5. by   Bevi
    My Partner and I and our son, will take a trip to celebrate my graduation (2005)

    I get to choose, so i'ma choose 14 days at Disney.....lol..
    I'm still such a kid at 37...
  6. by   Gator,SN
    my all time dream present that i would faint at the sight of?
    a new harley davidson motorcycle.

    Rena, one my local radio stations is going to give away a grand prize on June 1st and its a new Harley V-rod???? price tag:$20,000!!!! Some thing about the 100th anniversary of HD. (not sure if this is right....)

    I wish that you could win! What a great graduation present that would be!