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  1. I am going to begin my 4th (last) semester of nursing school and was informed at the end of last semester that we will be required to pass the HESI exam with 85 or higher in order to graduate!! This was NOT part of the graduation requirements of my degree plan 2 years ago! I have discussed this with several RN's and have discovered that they didn't do well on the HESI, but passed the NCLEX! Can my school make passing the HESI a requirement to graduate if it was not part of my degree plan when I started? I am representing my class when I debate this subject and I need all of the feedback I can get to be well informed! PLEASE HELP!!
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  3. by   crnasomeday
    Good luck to you in trying to fight this battle. After the 4th semester of the 4 yr program I'm in, the powers that be decided that each of us would have to take 2-3 different standardized (CAP) tests every semester for which we have to pay $64/semester. In addition, during the seventh semester we had to pay an extra $45 to take the Mosby Assess test. Failing scores on any of these tests cause you to have to retake. Retakes cost extra, and then if you don't pass the 2nd time you don't graduate. I personally am only bothered by the extra time it sucks out of my life to go and take these tests because I've never had any trouble passing them, but several of my classmates have been up in arms since this policy was instituted and I've seen a person or two (or three or four) kicked out of the program for their scores. Our program has changed several things on us midstream, and though we've tried to fight the changes, we still get stuck with them. I'm getting ready to graduate in May though, so at least I don't have to put up with much more of this goofy stuff from my school.
  4. by   Rileycat
    I am not quite sure, but I think the school can make passing the hesi test a requirement. If your school had low NCLEX passing rates in the past, they use the hesi test as an indicator of who may fail. The school doesn't want those at risk of failing the NCLEX to take the exam because it ruins the school's passing percentage...and the school can be put on probation...and eventually lose their accredidation (sp?).

    The school I went to made passing the hesi test a requirement the year after I graduated. The students a year under me are required to pass hesi before they can get their slips of paper saying they can sit for NCLEX...and this wasn't a requirement when they signed up for the program.

    My class took the hesi test as a trial run. I don't really think the hesi test was like NCLEX. The hesi was very factual...and NCLEX was almost all critical thinking and prioritizing.

    The hesi test can be a positive thing. It can give you the confidence that if you pass it...then you will pass NCLEX. I don't think we had anyone in the class that passed hesi, but failed NCLEX. Students typically do better on NCLEX than on the hesi. Also, the hesi tests can show you your weak areas that you will need to work on.

    Don't worry...you'll be fine.
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  5. by   tattoochick
    Yes, we have to take the HESI in March and also have to make either an 85 or 88....can't remember...., and I was told by some graduating seniors last year that they all thought it was harder than the NCLEX. But, I NEVER listen to what other people say because I figure that I'm my own person and usually never agree with other people anyway. I'm just working the NCLEX books as often as I can and hoping for the best. Have confiddence in yourself and your abilities. You wouldn't have made it this far if you weren't a special person!
  6. by   meownsmile
    My school just instituted the must pass HESI. We have to pass with a 85 or dont graduate until we do pass it. We have two tries(at our own expense) before we have to retake the semester.

    It was also a change they made after my class was enrolled. It is irritating because it seems they keep adding cost to what they told us when we enrolled. The cost for school is going way over what their projected cost would be. It sounds like most schools are heading in the same direction though.
  7. by   Katnip
    We have to pass CAP tests. If we fail the last one, they won't withhold the degree, but they will withhold authorization to take the NCLEX until we take remedial coursework and pass the test.