1. been awhile since i posted.

    just wanted to say i HATE HESI. Our director has decided to make it the 3rd test outta 4. She said, i don't lie...'that way, you have one more test to try to bring your grade back up'...lol. That pretty much says it all.

    I hate HESI.

    I hate it.

    Sincerely, me
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  3. by   Ohmygosh
    Actually I dont mind the tests as much as I mind that at my school we have to pay extra to take them --$96 this semester alone (for 4 tests) and what really makes it worse is that for that $$ they only count 5% of our overall grade.

    I feel your pain...but....Have you purchased the HESI study book?? It is really good for the tests and for general studying. You can order it from the HESI site and it is about $60. Hey... I just realized that I have spent so much money on Hesi tests and Hesi books that when I graduate and pass the NCLEX my title may be MGarrett HESI-RN
  4. by   OnTheRoad
    HESI is our last exam, but decides if we pass our course if I understand correctly.
  5. by   KScott
    What is HESI?
  6. by   Ohmygosh
    HESI ..Health Education something --something. I cant actually remember what it stands for but basically it or they are achievement type tests that some schools use to gauge a students progress. I read somewhere if you can pass the HESI(S) with a score of 850 -- you will usually pass the NCLEX. Anyway there are tests for different areas, such as Fundamentals, Pharmacology, Med-Surg, etc. I took 1 HESI 1st and 2nd Semester, 2 HESI's 3rd semester and I have to take 4 HESI's in my 4th Semester. And if tradition continues ...our school uses HESI as an exit exam.
  7. by   KScott
    Thanks, Ohmygosh. I wonder if my school uses this test? I guess I'll find out in about 2.75 semesters!
  8. by   charlies
    lol, MGarrett HESI-RN. thats funny.

    thanks for the tip on the study guide