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My program has informed me that I must sign a statement that says that I refuse the Hep B series and I understand the dangers of not being immunized,one being my possible death, and that I take full... Read More

  1. by   marilynmom
    Quote from vtprenursingstudent
    I am surprised none of your colleges require you to have the Hep B series to attend. I thought a lot of schools were now requiring new students to have it along with the meningitis vaccine.

    I found it interesting to hear that people can have the 3 Hepatitis B shots and still not have immunity according to a titer. I must have passed since I was never called back.
    Well no one HAS to get any vaccination.

    As far as not getting immunity from the vaccine, you wouldn't know unless they did a titer after your shot series was complete (which I think is a month after your last shot in the series??)--a lot of places don't do that so there are people who think they are protected, yet are not. The vaccine is 85-95% effective and also about 5% on top of that never show antibodies to begin with--so that is actually quite a few people who have no response to the vaccine. Just because they didn't call you back doesn't mean ANYTHING.
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  2. by   marilynmom
    Quote from leslasic

    I recommend everyone get a titer. Period.
    I agree. If you don't even know if your immune or not, what is the point? You could be walking around assuming your protected when in fact, your not.
  3. by   JaxiaKiley
    That is so strange. I wouldn't do it.

    At my school, you only have to be in the process.

    My sister has gone through the shots several times, and still doesn't have an immunity.
  4. by   valifay
    It proably has to do with the fact you have not completed the series prior to your cinicals. Ask them if that is why they need you to sign. I would tell them you have started the series and will sign as long as your imm. records are attached. My work knows I have had the shots and had me sign the waiver refusing it so they know I will not be getting the series from them. But my shot record is attached to this form showing I have had it and refuse to have them give me the series. I think its just standard language on a refusal form stating you are aware of the risks of not having it.
  5. by   aerocats
    Quote from fergus51
    Then can't you get a sheet that says you know your series is not complete and you may not be immune but you take that risk anyways? Because if you do choose to go into clinical now, you do know the risks and I don't think the school should be responsible for you. Either that or wait for your shots to start clinical.
    the vaccine doesn't work so even if the clinical site or your place of employment would expose you to hep b, then even being vaccinated would leave you vulnerable.
  6. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    I received all three of my HEP B Shots and still had to sign a waiver. Just because you received the vaccine, doesn't mean that you are immune to the virus.... which was my case. After receiving the series my body still did not gain 100 % immunity. I was advised to sign the waiver or I can't start NS. The CI did recommend that I get the series over again, which I don't want to because I hate Shots !
  7. by   Sara5229
    Where do you go to school at Peeps? My school requires the same thing. I turned in my vaccination status at the first of the year and then I got a letter stating that I didn't turn in the waiver for hepB and my account at school was put on hold and I had to turn it in to continue clinicals.
  8. by   TessaMae
    Quote from Peeps Mcarthur
    They got the shot record because we had Tetnus,Diptheria,and a couple of others.

    My series is on schedule.

    Another side note: They are claiming that there is titre required after the series.

    In all,it's about a years worth of shots to complete.

    We recieved the requirements at the orientation before the titre requirement. Since the orientation was well less than a year ago,no student could comply.

    The school and the clinical facility are off the hook and have no responsibility to protect us from exposure.

    It's a financial loss I can't afford.
    After 2 doses you will have some immunity, why don't you get the titer now, it may end up that you have already built up enough immunity even before the third. You might want to go to the CDC website and read about the series. I think this will might help you feel better about your risk, etc. The 3 are needed for long-term protection but you already have some protection having had 2. I think the school is asking you to sign this because if god forbid you prick yourself with a needle or in some other way come in contact with the bodily fluid of someone who has hep B, there is a chance you could get it. You face this risk in life in general. What surprises me most is that your school doesn't have a form that states you are in the process of completing the series and understand that until you are fully vaccinated you understand you are at risk for contracting the virus. When you mentioned: "What actions can I take that will hold them responsible?" you have to remember that you need to protect youself by following safety protocol. Hep B is spread in the same way as HIV/AID's and there is no vaccine for that. Good luck and I hope everything works out
  9. by   melmarie23
    I am going in for some immunizations/titres here soon that I need before I can start my program. I had the first two Hep B shots but never the third. The 2nd shot was back in 1997.

    Does this mean I have to start the series over again?

    (I am sure my doc can answer this, but I am not set to go for another two weeks so I figured I'd ask here)
  10. by   melmarie23
    never mind. I guess that will be determined from my titre. :-P

    sorry, should have read all responses first.
  11. by   kcochrane
    Both my RN and LPN school were the same. Unless you had proof of full immunization of Hep B, you had to sign a waiver. I had all three shots, but the dr. lost the dates, so for LPN school I had to sign a refusal waiver. For RN school, I had a titre done at work and used that. So signing the waiver is pretty much standard practice.